Get Inspired! Meet the Winners of the ServiceNow 2015 Innovation of the Year and Hackathon

Watch this On‑Demand webinar to learn how ServiceNow customers are creating cutting‑edge applications as we showcase of our Innovation of the Year and CreateNow Hackathon winners. Each year at the ServiceNow Knowledge event, we showcase innovation via two competitions ‑ the Innovation of the Year and the CreateNow Hackathon. The Innovation of the Year is a prestigious award presented to a customer who has created an innovative, business–impacting solution on the ServiceNow platform. The CreateNow Hackathon is a competition limited to just eight hours of app creation at the Knowledge conference, where participants have free‑reign to build anything at all with ServiceNow. The winners of both these awards are then chosen by the ServiceNow community.

The winner of the 2015 Innovation of the Year is the National Cancer Institute. Together with their partner SRA, they created an application to provide their IT staff with the right information at the right time ‑ to allow them to more efficiently service their customers. The customer winner of the CreateNow Hackathon built an emergency response application, and the partner winner of the hackathon built a tool to rapidly generate CMS pages.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Meet our inspirational winners and learn what it took to create impacting applications powered by ServiceNow
  • Hear about the business needs and other drivers that spurred the creation of these apps
  • Learn the secrets behind how the winning apps were built on the ServiceNow platform

Watch Now!


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