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About Integritas Solutions Inc.

Integritas specializes in service management.

We combine our passionate belief in the value of good process and our battle‑tested ServiceWise framework with a collaborative client approach in order to optimize service delivery. Through our belief that people, process, and technology must be considered together, we help organizations deliver measurably better service performance.

We have completed over 60 service management process improvement, training, and tool implementations. Our team of process experts are passionate and enthusiastic about improving service management across the enterprise.

Why Integritas?

We love process! We genuinely believe that the world is a good place when process is defined and a better place when it's automated.

We like to think of ourselves as process superheroes, rescuing business from bad process. We seek first to understand your pain and then to fix it by designing good processes and automating them in ServiceNow.


ServiceNow Resale Territory
Resale Region: AMS
Resale Countries: CA ‑ Canada

ServiceNow Business Territory (Non‑Resale)
Region: AMS
Countries: CA ‑ Canada

For more information, check out the Integritas Solutions Inc website or contact info@integritas.ca.