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Security Operations

There are two things your security team needs to know: whether your business is secure, and if things are getting better or worse. Yet security teams are spending time handling less important tasks, dealing with alerts from multiple siloed products, and coordinating between teams. Where they should be laser‑focused on stopping more sophisticated attacks, they’re struggling to know what’s critical and where to start.

Security teams need to gain better visibility into their entire security posture while minimizing time invested in manual processes. ServiceNow Security Operations connects the workflow and systems management capabilities of the ServiceNow platform with security data from leading vendors. This gives your security team a single‑response platform for complete visibility, allowing them to respond to incidents and vulnerabilities more efficiently.

Gain Visibility Into Your Enterprise Security Posture

ServiceNow Security Operations

Gain Visibility Into Your Enterprise Security Posture

Respond to Security Issues Quickly

Know whether your business is secure in an instant. Security Operations provides a single platform for responding to incidents and vulnerabilities and can enrich incidents with threat intelligence to further expedite response. With complete visibility into disruptive issues, your security team can investigate, remediate, and easily coordinate with all stakeholders involved. Spend less time managing simple tasks and more time preventing advanced attacks.

Deliver Efficient Security Response

Attach incidents to the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to gain insights into threat behavior

Integrate vulnerability scan data with ServiceNow ServiceWatch business criticality

Leverage the new Threat Intelligence integration to find indicators of compromise and hunt low‑lying attacks and threats

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Streamline Remediation

Leverage IT Operations Management to enable security incidents and vulnerabilities to trigger automatic patching, configuration changes or other standard workflows

Automate basic jobs improving the bandwidth of the security analysts and response teams to respond more efficiently to attacks and incidents

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Visualize Security Posture

Provide simple executive dashboards that clearly communicate security posture

Automatically integrate security and IT to hold the overall organization accountable to solve security problems quickly

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