Service Availability Monitoring

Real-Time Visibility into Data Center Health


ServiceNow ServiceWatch offers real-time visibility into data center health. Unlike conventional discovery solutions, the ServiceWatch "top-down" approach produces a concise, accurate, real-time map of IT components that comprise a business service. ServiceWatch uses these maps to bind only relevant real-time data from IT service monitoring and event management systems – generating an always up-to-date measurement of the health of each business service.

Benefits for Enterprise IT

When mission-critical business services fail or have performance issues, IT teams need to know how to quickly identify and resolve the issues before they negatively impact the business. However, with each business service depending on many IT components, and with each IT component potentially affecting many business services, getting a clear and accurate view of service health is next to impossible – unless you have the right tools. With ServiceNow ServiceWatch, IT can:

  • Discover, Map, and Monitor Only What Matters
    • Get accurate, always up-to-date measurements of the health of each business service, including the criticality and priority of service issues, by marrying existing monitoring and event management tools with real-time service maps
  • Gain Visibility with Intuitive Dashboards
    • View the health of business services across the enterprise at-a-glance with color-coded heat-map that indicate which services are in a critical state and the business priority of the service
    • Immediately identify which underlying incidents are causing a service issue as well as which services are affected by a given incident by clicking on the business service
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