Drive Maximum Business Value

ServiceNow Optimization Services go beyond implementation to provide customers with services that span the entire lifecycle of the customer's ServiceNow solution. From inception through deployment and beyond, ServiceNow certified experts help customers maximize their ServiceNow investment. Current offerings include a basic Health Check Configuration Review and Remote Administration Services.


ServiceNow Optimization Services ensure that customers can get the most value from their ServiceNow investment. Additional benefits include:

Drive Maximum Business Value

Access a pool of certified ServiceNow system administration resources to perform essential functions to help manage ServiceNow applications

Identify configuration issues that can negatively impact performance and upgradeability so they can be addressed before they become a problem

Leverage ServiceNow Expertise

Use ServiceNow experts to assess and align current processes with ServiceNow best practices

Additional Information

The basic Health Check Configuration Review includes the following services:

Review of customer’s deployment by a ServiceNow technical consultant

Automated technical best practices scan of customer’s configuration

Diagnostics of potential issues that impact performance and upgradeability

Remote Administration Services provide customers with appropriate resources and expertise when needed. This allows customers to more efficiently manage staff and projects, accelerating implementation timelines and innovation. Available services include:

  • Services guidance icon

    Guidance Activities

    Guidance on technical configuration alternatives – ServiceNow can take customer developed use cases and generate technical configuration specifications for implementation

  • Services enhancement icon

    Enhancement Activities

    Technical configuration support for customer or third party led implementation projects to deploy additional application functionality

  • Services maintenance icon

    Maintenance Activities

    Configuration of the ServiceNow applications and platform features to meet customer defined requirements