Prioritize Projects Based on Business Impact

To exceed business expectations, your PMO needs to align projects with high‑level strategic goals. That means having insight into business needs and performance as well as resource availability and allocation. The end result is having the confidence to say yes to important business projects and know that you have the resources to execute them successfully.

Improve business performance by centralizing demand, planning, and budgeting for seamless project delivery from beginning to end.

With a scalable system that integrates project management and help desk functionality on the same platform, you have visibility into every stage of a project. Centralizing demand and integrating it with planning and budgeting will have a dramatic improvement in performance.


  • ServiceNow Efficiency Consolidate

    Capture Demand in One Place

    Self-service features drive business users to a single entry point for all service requests

  • ServiceNow Financial

    Improve Budgeting

    Weigh operational performance against cost, adjust investments accordingly, and easily track budget and identify cost outliers

  • ServiceNow Visibility

    Provide Visibility into Existing Work

    Executive-level planning console centralizes all inflight programs and projects and potential impact of approving new initiatives

  • ServiceNow Strategic

    Reduce Project Risks

    Built-in metrics and KPIs help quickly identify at-risk projects or re-evaluate projects no longer aligned to strategic goals

  • ServiceNow Enable

    Empower Project Teams

    Allow groups to work in their preferred environment: agile, waterfall or hybrid

  • ServiceNow Reduce Redundancy

    Accurately Predict Project Delivery

    Full integration with IT Service Management provides visibility into system and staff resources across the enterprise

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