Eliminate Process Bottlenecks Before They Happen

Your job is to deliver services faster. To do this, you need to forecast your tasks accurately, prevent escalations, and ensure that you're meeting service level agreements (SLAs). Unfortunately, when you're scrambling to find the right data and manually exporting information from disparate sources into spreadsheets, delivering speedy services is easier said than done.

A single source of truth will guarantee that all of your stakeholders use the same data, allowing you to improve processes and performance as well as demonstrate those improvements to the rest of the company.

Trend reports, metrics, and in‑form analytics are available across the entire ServiceNow platform. You’ll have instant access to everything from resource utilization to the number of requests filled by your department. You can measure KPIs daily, visualize them in role‑based dashboards, and receive automated reports to manage all of your business goals.

Everyone can monitor developing trends and act quickly to meet and exceed SLAs. And because our analytics package includes its own analysis and visualization tools, you'll never need to export data or create pivot tables again.

  • ServiceNow Control

    Standardize Performance Metrics

    Take advantage of more than 350 out-of-the-box indicators and 50 pre-configured dashboards across many different ServiceNow processes

    Easily define a single source of performance measurement for your business services

    Create custom indicators meaningful for your business needs

  • ServiceNow Simplify

    Ensure Data Accuracy

    Leverage real-time data from the platform to visualize performance trends and eliminate any inconsistencies

  • ServiceNow Reduce Redundancy

    Interact With the Data

    Utilize role-based interactive dashboards to help people filter, group, and stack data in a way that is meaningful to them

  • ServiceNow Elevate

    Get Actionable Insights

    Put the power of analytics in your users' hands with in-form analytics to help them work more efficiently and make the best process decisions

  • ServiceNow Optimize

    Optimize Processes

    Discover service bottlenecks and identify tasks that can be automated to improve the quality of delivery while reducing administrative cost

  • ServiceNow Reduce Time

    Free Up Your Team

    Eliminate manual data exports and report creation in spreadsheets to get your team to proactively work on improving your processes

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