Enterprise IT Cloud for High Tech Companies

Agility and Innovation Powered by Automation and a Single System of Record


Innovative products alone do not define the success of a high tech company. Business agility does. And in today’s modern enterprise, the business is only as agile as its IT organization and systems. That is why the largest technology companies in the world rely on ServiceNow.

ServiceNow provides a robust suite of applications built on a single, flexible cloud platform that automates enterprise services, enabling IT and other departments to create more value for the business. Now, enterprise IT can increase enterprise agility and drive business innovation.


  • Free your team to create more value for the business by implementing lights out, zero-touch automation for repetitive tasks
  • Improve metrics and IT visibility by consolidating service systems into a single system of record for IT
  • Deliver quality service at scale by standardizing, automating and globalizing processes built around ITIL
  • Implement an intuitive, approachable and consumer-like service experience for both out-of-the-box and custom service management applications
  • Create more business value by evolving the IT service model to automate and manage enterprise services, growing efficiency and productivity for business partners such as human resources, payroll, customer support and facilities management

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