Enterprise IT Cloud for the Public Sector

Transform IT to Increase Efficiency and Improve Service Quality


Continuous regulatory change and scrutiny, budget and headcount reduction, and an increased reliance on technology are forcing significant change within Public Sector IT. With ServiceNow, school districts, police departments and public sector entities are able to improve services, reduce costs, and automate the IT lifecycle.

ServiceNow enables public sector IT teams to spend less time managing the infrastructure and more time creating innovative solutions that improve efficiency and quality of front line services.


  • Produce substantial efficiency gains by consolidating legacy, redundant IT service systems into a single system of record for IT
  • Deliver quality service at scale with standardized and centralized services processes and an intuitive, consumer-like service experience for all users
  • Reduce administrative overhead by implementing lights out, zero-touch automation to replace manual, redundant tasks
  • Maintain data sovereignty with mirrored data centers located within many regulated countries.
  • Rapidly create new applications that centralize and automate the fulfillment of a broad range of internal and publicly-available services

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