IT Operations Management

Optimized Business Services Through Service Mapping, Delivery and Assurance


People count on you to deliver new services faster — and keep them running. But limited visibility into the IT resources and dependencies that support them stands between you and your goals.


Our IT operations management solutions consolidate resource data — including virtualized and cloud infrastructure environments — into a single system of record. This enables you to see how your resources are performing at all times, automate key processes, and take a service-centric approach to mapping, delivery, and assurance.


Deploying new services and managing change in today’s complex IT environment doesn’t have to be fraught with risk and delays. Our solutions provide the visibility, third-party integration and service health insight you need to:

  • Embrace a faster, more reliable, service-centric approach to service mapping, delivery and assurance
  • Regain the control lost when line-of-business users provision their own services - "shadow IT"
  • Automate provisioning for virtualized systems and cloud infrastructure
  • Automatically map dependencies between systems and simplify change management
  • Quickly assess infrastructure events and alerts to prioritize and speed repairs
  • Reduce the time and cost of delivering and maintaining services

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