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Transform IT. Transform the Enterprise.


CIOs face an unprecedented challenge to deliver innovative business solutions and keep existing systems running, all with static budgets and outdated management tools. As CIOs shift both system infrastructure and technology maintenance to the cloud in an attempt to meet these challenges, they are inherently transforming IT from an infrastructure-centric to a service-centric delivery model. However, most enterprise IT organizations are not adequately armed to control and enable this transformation.

Leading CIOs leverage ServiceNow to disrupt the status quo and drive IT value deep into the heart of the enterprise. ServiceNow replaces fragmented legacy systems with a single system of record for IT, automates manual tasks and standardizes inefficient processes across the enterprise. With ServiceNow, enterprise IT can deliver on the promise of ‘ERP for IT’ with a single cloud-based platform that everyone in IT uses to operate services and manage the business of IT. And as IT transforms, it can transform the entire enterprise by evolving the IT service model to automate service delivery processes for shared services and enterprise service domains including Human Resources (HR), Facilities, Finance and Legal. Now, enterprise IT is more than a cost center, it is an enterprise investment center that delivers innovative business solutions.


  • Consolidate to a single system of record for enterprise-wide visibility and global standardization
  • Simplify and automate IT operations to spend more time on business strategy
  • Present a modern, familiar interface to the business and change the perception of IT
  • Automate manual tasks to get more out of highly skilled workers
  • Extend the IT service model to create a shared services interface for all employee requests and needs across the business

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