IT Service Management Professionals

Advance the IT Service Model and Deliver Better Service With Less Effort


ServiceNow enables enterprise IT to advance the IT service model by consolidating redundant and fragmented IT service systems into a single system of record. With ServiceNow, IT service management professionals can deliver more structured and efficient support across the globe. An intuitive, consumer-like service catalog enables users to get what they need quickly. A common workflow engine drives change management, ensuring that changes and releases meet the intended outcome.


  • Consolidate redundant and fragmented IT service management systems into a single system of record
  • Accelerate the organization of infrastructure components into consumable services
  • Make IT more accessible through an intuitive, consumer-like service catalog
  • Create a more collaborative and structured support process that speeds resolution time and delivers a superior customer service experience
  • Automate change and release processes for more efficiency and repeatability

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