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April 28, 2020

ServiceNow and AWS Cloud Call Center

Now more than ever, businesses are challenged to transform themselves into digital organizations to better serve employees, customers, and partners, more proactively, and in a more personalized way.

Modern IT support is business-critical, and the demands on IT are growing exponentially, particularly amid the “new normal” of remote work. At the same time, business leaders are racing to envision and implement what their future work environments will look like.

In this always-on world of work, employees depend on advanced technology to collaborate with colleagues and find innovative solutions that build customer loyalty, fuel growth, and sustain market leadership. These growing demands mean IT departments need to do more with less and re-imagine digital-first processes, applications, and toolsets.

Contact-Center-as-a-Service for a new world of work

ServiceNow has launched an innovative, AI-driven “Contact-Center-as-a-Service” approach to IT support, delivering increased efficiencies and cost savings, while providing employees with best-in-class IT support.

Our new Cloud Call Center solution — Amazon Connect Integration with Cloud Call Center — offers native integration of AWS’s natural language AI technology, Lex, Transcribe and Comprehend, with our IT workflow and service desk capabilities. Together, we will help automate support tasks and will help drive down costs while improving both the caller and agent experience.

ServiceNow is a big believer in Amazon Connect. We recently deployed Amazon Connect to power our own global IT help desk and customer call center, so it can create unique employee and customer interactions, while decreasing our operational expenses.

This capitalizes on the advanced capabilities of AWS and ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) Professional to give organizations the ability to deploy a cloud contact center in minutes while meeting escalating call center demands.

Users are empowered to help themselves and solve common support issues, such as password resets, account unlocks, and incident status checks, without ever having to speak to an agent. And for calls requiring human intervention, the solution, leveraging AWS’ AI-driven real-time text to speech transcription, sentiment analysis, and keyword spotting to power retrieval of responsive knowledge articles where needed, proactively provides agents with context-relevant critical detail and context to accelerate resolution times and thereby improve customer satisfaction.


Seamless handoffs via OpenFrame and Connect Softphone

Transforming the IT support model

A large and broad U.S.-based healthcare company was using a legacy IT support solution with limited data analysis capabilities, which had no method for measuring the voice experience for end-users and customers.

Changes to the system often took three to four months to implement.  Costs were high, as simple changes to voice recordings needed to be translated into multiple languages.

The company integrated ServiceNow’s ITSM solution with Amazon Connect, which allowed it to transform the contact center experience for employees.  The company implemented voice-based navigation, voice call transcription and recording, post-call survey, and capturing of voice call data analytics to drive continuous improvement.  The solution provided a data-driven path to improve the call center experience with increased flexibility, scalability, and agility.

New features are now deployed within minutes instead of three to four months, and the company is now able to review active call and voice data and provide a useful customer survey experience.  Additionally, its IT department now has an internal roadmap for continuous improvements for a better digital IT support experience.

Key features and benefits of ServiceNow® Cloud Call Center include:

  • A natural language experience – Employees can use everyday language to solve their IT problems without any specialized training or requirements.
  • Omnichannel engagement – Whether employees access IT support through their browser, mobile chat, walk-up, or voice interactions, they get a consistent, seamless experience.
  • Call deflection – Frequent IT support requests, such as password resets, or account unlock, can be done over the phone without ever speaking to an agent
  • Agility and Flexibility – Built on the AWS and ServiceNow® platforms, enterprises can be assured that their call flows and IT processes are flexible and dynamic.
  • Performance analytics – IT and contact center managers get insight into emerging support trends, across all supported channels, to better anticipate employee needs and improve agent coaching to streamline future service delivery.

Amazon Connect Integration with Cloud Call Center is available from the ServiceNow Store as a free integration for ITSM Professional and ITSM Enterprise customers​. The solution is certified for ServiceNow’s New York and Orlando releases (as of April 2020).

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