Welcome to week 3 of Knowledge 2020!

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May 18, 2020

Welcome to week 2 of Knowledge 2020

Week three marks the official halfway point of our Knowledge 2020 digital experience and it seems the excitement is only just beginning. Last week we ushered in CreatorCon and building on the NowPlatform, while this week belongs to Now on Now. At ServiceNow, we’re transforming the way we work by relying on our own solutions. Join us this week as Chris Bedi, ServiceNow CIO and Dean Robison, SVP of Global Technical Support at ServiceNow share how digital workflows on the Now Platform delivered over $100M in value by unlocking productivity and providing great experiences to our own employees and customers. Come hear how we are making work, work better for you. And don’t forget to register or sign in so you don’t miss a thing.

Be sure to watch sessions and demos delivered by our IT practitioners that showcase how we use the Now Platform to create digital workflows across the enterprise and learn how to unlock productivity and provide great experiences to our own employees and customers.  

Calling all innovators: You are an important part of how we put together products that take work to the next level. The Experience Design Channel offers sessions that highlight ServiceNow’s commitment to delivering great product experiences. Tune in to hear how research and design shapes ServiceNow products and share your feedback so we can design the best solutions for you! 

Don’t miss Thought Leadership Thursday, because two great sessions await. Join Lara Caimi, ServiceNow Chief Strategy Officer, wife, and mom of three, to hear her thoughts on how working women can achieve success and inspire others. Our second session, presented by Accenture, looks at the new 5G technology and the shift ahead for the Telecom industry.

virtual thought leadership session

Here’s just some of the great programing to check out this week. Check out our selections below.

Featured speaker

CIO Chris Bedi and SVP Dean Robison share how ServiceNow achieves 10X ROI​
Learn about ServiceNow’s pragmatic approach to executing and measuring digital transformation across its talent, processes, and technology. At ServiceNow, we’re transforming the way we work by relying on our own solutions. We are relentlessly using the Now Platform to create digital workflows that have delivered over $100M in value as we unlock productivity and provide great experiences to our own employees and customers. Make sure to register or sign in and then watch the keynote: How ServiceNow achieves 10X ROI by driving digital transformation across its own business.

Featured session

ServiceNow: Managing Safe Return to Workplace with ServiceNow Employee Workflows
As organizations navigate the new normal, the return to workplace for employees requires careful planning and execution. The ability to deliver employees the right digital experience, addressing both workplace and workforce readiness, is now essential. In this session, we will show you how with ServiceNow Employee Workflows you can keep employees informed, gather feedback, automate steps for returning to work, and provide a safe, employee ready working environment. Note this session was recorded a couple weeks ago, but this session will have a live Q&A post event. Don’t miss it!

Knowledge 2020 customer sessions

Customer sessions

VMware: Scoped application deep dive: VMware cloud capacity forecasting
Be inspired to build innovative applications of your own, and get the knowledge how to from Deluxe Corporation. Deep dive into the mechanics of an application that empowers project managers with the ability to forecast capacity consumption. Don’t miss: Scoped application deep dive: VMware cloud capacity forecasting.

Lowe's: Transforming HR Shared Services in a large, complex retail organization
It once took 2000 employees to manage Lowe’s HR processes. Now it’s just 170. Discover the new service delivery model that streamlined outdated HR processes to a centralized shared services model. Don’t miss this transformation. Sign in, and then go here.

USAA: Rollout of ServiceNow's Vulnerability Response with Qualys integration in 90 days
Say good-bye to legacy excel sheets with ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response solution. USAA shares how they brought in data from Qualys to track and remediate vulnerabilities within 90 days by a team of 3 members. Sign in, and then check out the session here.

Join us for an unplugged session

But that’s not all, there's fun to be had during our digital experience so check out the Fun Activities channel for a work break. Whether it's yoga, cooking segments, or a musical jam session, we've got you covered. This week join us for a jam session!  Chris Clouse is a DJ, guitar player and singer. He will bring the party to your screen with a unique performance and variety of instruments.

We’re looking to bring the perfect blend of work and play to you this week. Get ready. 


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