Welcome to week 5 of Knowledge 2020!

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May 29, 2020

Welcome to week 5 of Knowledge 2020

Calling all you dreamers! Inspiration awaits as we close out our five weeks of Knowledge with keynotes from ServiceNow leaders and customers who are ready to help us dream about transforming the world of work. You guessed it, this week's theme is Dream. Be sure to sign in or register so you don’t miss a thing.

Our main keynote this week features ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott , Chief Product Officer CJ Desai, and Amy Lokey, VP and global head of design. In any normal, work never stops. So let’s create a better way. For everyone. Join us to get inspired and get started.

In addition, we have four industry keynotes this week that you won’t want to miss. General Manager of Telecommunications Media and Technology at ServiceNow, Chris Bauschka, will talk about the power of the proactive experience in telecommunications. ServiceNow’s Lauren Robbins, general manager of financial services will discuss speed and resilience in the era of trust. General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences at ServiceNow, Mike Luessi, will tackle the topic of health and science by exploring how to make healthcare work for everyone. And lastly Bob Osborn, CTO of global government sector will share with viewers how to unleash business agility in government. They, along with ServiceNow customers and leaders, will inspire us all to dream together, to move faster than ever before, and to flourish in the new normal.

Be sure not to miss our thought leadership channel which will feature Bob Osborn on how AI will change government as well as Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Leader, Erica Volini, discuss Deloitte’s 2020 Human Capital Trends Report and the need to rethink productivity.

 CEO Bill McDermott

Featured speaker

CEO Bill McDermott and Chief Product Officer CJ Desai share the smarter way to workflow

At ServiceNow, we believe in making work, work better for people. This year has seen unprecedented global events which have demanded an unprecedented response. Value chains have been broken and work has forever changed. The organizations that have embraced digital transformation are those who get to rewrite the script.

Everything we do at ServiceNow is about breaking down the walls, enabling everyone to work better, together. With the Now Platform, work flows naturally. With innovations in Now Mobile and Now Intelligence, we help you get work done smarter and faster than ever before. Discover how major global brands are accelerating growth and productivity with ServiceNow by reimagining the employee and customer experience. Learn how you too can easily build new digital workflows which elevate your organization to thrive in the new normal. Be sure to check out the session here.

Week 5 session

Featured session

Build a team of ServiceNow® experts for your organization
Effective training gives your Now Platform team the expertise to teach others how to make the best use of ServiceNow’s capabilities. When you train your process users effectively, you’ll meet your adoption targets faster and be well on your way to achieving your business objectives. In this session, learn how to determine the expertise needed on your ServiceNow team, identify what you need to train process users, and learn how to make training an ongoing activity. You can find this session here.

Customer sessions

Journey to success: The Finance of America experience
The Finance of America journey has been a long and twisty one that went from manual to automated. Between emails, spreadsheets and the dreaded "other" category, there was little structure in the IT processes. Today, getting assistance from IT has never been easier for on-the- go employees with the introduction of mobile and chat. One small team rebuilt everything from automated onboarding, proper assignment in a fancy service catalog, to mobile and chat. Don’t miss this session, featuring Meghan Sander, technical business analyst for Finance of America Mortgage.

Event and alert management automation with Walmart

Susan Arnold, systems engineer at Walmart, will highlight what the retail giant has done to lower their incidents created from events and how they've automated the intake process for event and alert management. This session will resolve issues where repetitive actions are needed to create event and alert rules, noise reduction and incident reduction. Arnold will discuss how automation can save time on repetitive event and alert rule creations and the importance of collaborating with customers.  You can find this session here.
Week 5 session

7-Eleven’s journey to being customer obsessed: Merging 16 service desks and 32 integrations in 11 months
Talk about one stop shopping! 7-Eleven merged 16 service desks and completed 32 internal and external integrations within 11 months. They created a 7Help Store Support Portal that is accessible any time, from anywhere, from any device and is a one stop shop for all support needs. There were too many points of contact, multiple systems, and duplicate cases, resulting in increased cost for franchisees. Before 7-Eleven consolidated on the Now Platform, challenging questions used to come up: What’s the average cost of support for that store footprint? Is that profitable for us to run? Why do I have to call to get the status of my case? What does our combined caseload look like for the stores in my area? It had to stop. In this session, learn why 25 million+ people love 7-Eleven and how the company became customer-obsessed. Find it here!

Verizon: Transforming  pre- and post-sale workflows in telecom with ServiceNow
Learn how telecom providers can automate workflows across their sales and service processes with ServiceNow. In this session, Verizon will share how they accelerate order delivery time by automating processes from the field to back-office operations. Verizon will also share how they use E-Bonding to connect their enterprise customers' ServiceNow instances to their central ticketing system to accelerate issue resolution. Don’t miss it!

That’s not all! We have some fun activities planned for this week. Guitar superstars Rodrigo y Gabriela will be rocking out with all the attendees. Make sure you grab good dancing shoes, you won’t be able to stand still with this music. If you still have some energy left, you can channel you inner Ali in this shadowboxing session. You’ll be working up a sweat and throwing hands in no time with HIIT: Boxing 101. Get warmed up from the inside out with this quick and fiery flow of core and balance challenges.

And who doesn’t want to channel their inner Pasta Granny? Learn to make homemade pasta with Chef Matt from SPQR, who will show you how to make a two-ingredient dough for homemade pasta with a delicious, one pan tomato sauce. Matt is a Michelin-rated chef and is excited to show you a simple recipe that’s sure to please - no special equipment needed!


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