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October 02, 2020

Meet Lawrence

Tell us about yourself and why you were drawn to ServiceNow.

I joined ServiceNow about a year ago as an enterprise sales executive. I came here to be challenged. I have been in sales for 20 years and worked at some very large technology companies but feel that at ServiceNow I am undergoing a higher level of learning within my craft.

I work on accounts that I’m passionate about for customers who are helping people during tough times. Outside of work, I referee youngsters from 8 to 17 and mentor them on relationships, family life, and how to make good choices. So, this matters to me a lot.

You mentioned that you’re experiencing a higher-level learning of your craft, can you tell us more?
The way I am working with my extended team on accounts is elevating me to vice chancellor and provost levels within my client base. This is a growth for the team and me. Typically, vendors operate with the IT director and if you’re lucky the CIO, but I’m operating with the chief executive.

We’re developing workflows for the customer in unique ways because their work deals with sensitive topics, such as bereavement, sexual assault, or depression. So, there’s a need to be authentic, highly articulate, and to have some courageous conversations. I feel comfortable and empowered to take this on, to lead conversations with the customer, and to sell our approach to my manager. There is a lot of learning.

What kind of learning are you doing at ServiceNow?
We’ve had a couple of meetings with the customer to storyboard and workshop the workflow. In one of the early meetings, a director on the customer team courageously stood up and asked how a workflow is going to help her manage someone going through bereavement. It was emotional and we knew that we needed to respond to tell her about our workflow solutions with care because she is doing tough work. These are the sorts of insights that I take back to my team about the customer as we learn their business.

The customer has to come first so we look at things through the customer lens, and that’s one of the big reasons why I’m at ServiceNow. 


Our diversity, inclusion, and belonging program, I think that's quite special and unique, I've seen some organizations preach that they have that but rarely is it perhaps so visible and vibrant. Quote by Lawrence.

What are some of the other reasons for why you’re at ServiceNow and why it’s unique?
The investment made in people around culture and skills is self-evident and measured risk taking is highly encouraged. I have regular growth conversations with my manager—she’s invested in my success and often asks how she can help.

Our diversity, inclusion, and belonging program, I think that's quite special and unique. I've seen some organizations preach that they have that but rarely is it perhaps so visible and vibrant. Our CEO, Bill, delivered a very measured but meaningful statement on Black Lives Matter in a company meeting. I have never seen that before in any of the places I previously worked. It shows that there is a depth to ServiceNow on societal matters that you don't see every day and a culture of support. 

The fact that we take market feedback and make it part of our road map and our ServiceNow platform is something very distinct. The mobile experience we offer is unparalleled. We're acknowledging that the world we live in is one where people have devices glued to their hand every single day.

But ultimately, I’ve worked at many organizations and this is a place where we have support to do the things we’re passionate about. If you want to be challenged, respected, and believe that you can always be a better version of yourself, then ServiceNow is the right place to be. Visit Careers to find your role.

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