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November 19, 2020

Safe Workplace Apps help companies return to work

Reopening the workplace is a complex, dynamic process. Workplaces have diverse footprints—traditional offices, manufacturing floors, call center operations, retail locations, and more. Some industries have no choice but to return, while others have more flexibility. Yet companies across all industries must be able to manage the new reality of work with agility and resilience.  

Today, we’re announcing updates to the Safe Workplace Apps that help companies navigate the evolving return to workplace landscape, including a contact tracing integration and a sleek desktop interface. 

New interface for distributed workers
COVID-19 has changed how and where work gets done. In the post-pandemic future of work, many employees will be able to work when and where they want, on whatever screen and digital device they prefer.   

We’re thrilled to announce My Safe Workplace, a new desktop interface that provides users with a consolidated Safe Workplace experience. Users can complete tasks, set up visits, request PPE, receive information, and much more -- all from a single location on their desktop.  

My Safe Workplace coupled with our improved Safe Workplace Experience for Now Mobile provides a streamlined experience for employees in any location, on any device. 

New Contact Tracing Integration with DevvTrace Wearables
Contact tracing is critical to bringing any large group back together because it provides a way to accurately track, record and map interactions. Successful contact tracing requires participation and privacy. Users want to know their data and personal information is secure.  

Today we’re also pleased to announce a new integration with Devvio DevvTrace, a cost-effective, private, and secure contact tracing platform that can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. DevvTrace monitors and measures distance between users via wearable devices. When DevvTrace users come in close contact with each other, the wearables transmit data to their private keys in a blockchain wallet. 

Contact Tracing Integration with DevvTrace Wearables

DevvTrace calculates risk scores for individuals based on contact duration and proximity to other individuals. The risk score data is uploaded daily to ServiceNow Contact Tracing, which automatically creates cases for both infected and high risk individuals. The DevvTrace integration speeds up the process of investigating, identifying and informing employees of cases to help reduce the spread of infectious diseases, while protecting user privacy. 

“Digital contact tracing is an essential tool for all organizations to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and help protect their employees' health and privacy,” said Tom Anderson, founder and CEO of Devvio. “At the same time, companies want to minimize the financial and reputational impact in the event of a positive test or outbreak. DevvTrace’s innovative combination of hardware and blockchain technology overcomes two of the biggest challenges of contact tracing, privacy and user participation. We are delighted with our integration with Service Now, which will provide an easy and affordable way to scale digital contact tracing in an incredibly private, secure and effective way.” 

Customer success across industries
Returning to the workplace is a complex process that requires careful planning. We're updating our Safe Workplace suite of apps regularly to help our customers have the tools they need to support a safe and productive return to work.  

Companies across many industries are already benefitting from our solutions, including Bremer Bank, American University, Toronto District School Board, and Coca Cola European Partners. 

Coca Cola European Partners implemented ServiceNow’s Workplace Safety Management app in less than three weeks. This allowed nearly 6,000 CCEP office employees across six countries and a dozen worksites to safely reserve more than 40,000 in-office workspaces. 

We’re proud that nearly 900 organizations have downloaded ServiceNow Safe Workplace apps. We’ll continue to innovate to help customers effectively manage workplace and workforce readiness, making work, work better for everyone.   

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