3 Gen Zers share about their virtual co-op experiences

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July 01, 2021

3 Gen Zers virtual co-op experiences

This is part two of a three-blog series exploring the ServiceNow co-op program for college students.

Our first blog post in this series introduced the ServiceNow co-op program, a six-month, early-in-career internship opportunity. In this post, we continue the conversation by meeting three students in ServiceNow’s current cohort and learning about their virtual co-op experiences at the company.

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Helene B., analyst relations

Global Comms Analyst Relations Co-op Helene B.: "I absolutely loves marine biology, and scuba diving is a great passion of mine. I have been scuba-certified since the age of 16. I have to home bases: San Francisco and Paris."

As a Bay Area native interested in tech, Helene always had ServiceNow on her radar. After hearing good things about the company from friends and doing her own research, she felt ServiceNow offered what she was looking for in a co-op experience.

Helene is a third-year student at Northeastern University majoring in marketing analytics and entrepreneurship with a minor in data science. She hopes to one day be the CEO of her own tech company and is currently the analyst relations co-op at ServiceNow. The analyst relations team manages the relationships with influential big firm industry analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, and IDC.

Helene’s main project has been the creation and development of a six-month strategy to help track customer and peer reviews, understand traction in the marketplace, and validate the impact of ServiceNow software. Once complete, Helene’s work will have a direct impact on her team’s future decision-making. In return, her work exposes her to knowledge critical for her long-term goals of tech leadership.

“Right now, I have a surface-level understanding of ServiceNow products,” she says. “[The analysts] have a ton of knowledge. Since I want to get into the tech industry and understand ServiceNow software, having the conversations and being able to sit in on the analyst meetings and hear what they have to say is super valuable for me.”

Alex C., governance, risk, and compliance

Alex C., product marketing co-op (risk): Hobbies: playing the violin, cooking new foods. Dream job: to own a restaurant

A third-year marketing major at Northeastern, Alex was attracted to ServiceNow’s “friendly” and “diverse” culture. He applied for a co-op position to get his “foot in the door of the tech industry.”

Alex is the product marketing co-op on the risk team, which encompasses various Governance, Risk and Compliance applications offered by ServiceNow. During his co-op, Alex has worked on a variety of projects and has become a jack-of-all-trades for his team.

“I definitely like what I'm doing in product marketing,” he says. “I want to be diverse in that area, and this position definitely fulfills that. There are a lot of different projects I work on. For one, on the ServiceNow website, there are a lot of links a user can click on. Right now, I'm doing a project on the engagement they're getting through Adobe Analytics.”

At the time of publication, he was also working on creating customer case studies for the sales team to use.

Jacqueline L., UX and digital design

Jacqueline L., UX research co-op: "I adopted a cat recently. Her name is Soybean. On campus, I'm a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority, where I served as the webmaster for Fall 2020."

Jacqueline, a third-year computer science and design major, is the user experience (UX) research co-op on the digital design team. She applied for the position with the goal of finding the perfect intersection of her combined major to help pinpoint exactly what she wants to do in the future. She feels she’s already taken great strides in her time at ServiceNow (go Jacqueline!).

During her interview process, Jacqueline expressed an interest in UX design and arranged with her future manager to spend the first half of her co-op on research before transitioning into a more design-based role. The flexibility has allowed Jacqueline to work on a greater variety of projects and explore even more exciting career opportunities.

“I think UX or possibly UI design is something I'm very interested in. I'm thinking about applying to a similar position for my third co-op, so I'm super grateful about that,” she says. “I really like the work that I'm doing on this team, and my co-workers have given me a lot more insight on all of the facets of UX design. I've read a lot about these positions before, but by working on UX design projects firsthand, I am learning so much more.”

Although in different positions, performing different tasks, and learning different skills, these three co-ops, along with the rest of the cohort, are actively exploring and working toward their futures during their six months at ServiceNow. I can’t wait to see where we all end up.

The next post in this blog series will explore the virtual co-op work experience and the future of work.

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