3 reasons to attend CreatorCon—even if you’re not a coder

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May 05, 2021

ServiceNow CreatorCon is for developers, architects, and citizen developers--or builders.

CreatorCon, the developer conference within Knowledge 2021, is the place where new and experienced programmers gather to chat about code, If statements, and the intricacies of Java versus Linux.

But you don’t have to be a coder to attend. Anyone who uses enterprise software can learn something valuable and create workflow apps that transform business. Plus, CreatorCon is just plain fun. Here are three reasons you should attend CreatorCon, even if you don’t live and breathe code:

1. There’s something for everyone

Although full-stack developers and architects attend CreatorCon, the conference also offers learnings and activities for citizen developers, or builders—those with little or no experience writing code. For example, builders can find the necessary tools to build apps without having to know how to code.

Builders understand the business and can help build custom applications from scratch or use out-of-the-box software, without relying on developers for the basics. With a reduced app backlog, developers are free to work on complex app features and capabilities that require code.

Architects—those tasked with writing software standards—can link up with developers to make sure their apps comply with corporate governance policies. Because architects normally report to CIOs and CTOs, their input is crucial to ensure developers don’t waste time creating software that companies ultimately can’t use.

Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, or entertainment, every industry (and the world) runs on bits of code. Every employee in the digital economy should have at least some working knowledge of these algorithms.

2. You’ll be inspired

As the name suggests, CreatorCon is about creativity, innovation, and inspiration. Instead of paintbrushes and violins, developers use code to bring awesome ideas to life.

You can watch this creativity unfold in real time at the CreaterCon Hackathon event, where teams of all types go head-to-head in a weekend-long quest for fun, prizes, and glory. This is an excellent opportunity to get a firsthand look at how people build apps to solve real business problems. See the CreatorCon Hacakthon Finale to find out who prevails as the ultimate winner.

3. You can let loose

Talking code and designing apps is serious business. But that doesn’t mean developers can’t have some fun.

At CreatorCon, you can watch Chuck Tomasi, ServiceNow’s bespectacled senior developer advocate, headline a virtual karaoke party. You pick from hundreds of songs, and Tomasi will do his best to sing them using the ServiceNow karaoke app. The longer he goes, the more ServiceNow donates to code.org.

At our live coding happy hour, you can enjoy a drink as our experts develop and enhance real applications with unscripted and unprepared examples. You’ll learn problem-solving techniques live on the Now Platform.

Get ready for CreatorCon

Finally, here’s a handy cheat sheet to help decode lingo you’re likely to hear:

  • App Engine – the tool you need to build custom apps on the Now Platform. App Engine is one of the products within Creator Workflows. The App Engine SKU unlocks tools such as AES and more table capacity to build custom apps on the Now Platform.
  • Builder – a low-code, no-code, citizen developer 
  • Creator – anyone who builds and works on the Now Platform
  • Creator Workflows – the top-level pillar for all things custom app development
  • Now Creator – ServiceNow online user profile; creators get badges for mastering various Now Platform skills 
  • Now Platform – the platform on which all ServiceNow apps run

 We hope to see you at CreatorCon. Still need to register? It’s easy and free.

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