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May 18, 2021

Meet the winners of ServiceNow's Knowledge 2021 CreatorCon Hackathon.

A mobile-friendly platform to attend virtual classes. A better way to stream interactive online events. A system that allows office employees to order and receive supplies from drones. These are among the best ideas to emerge from the Knowledge 2021 CreatorCon Hackathon, held May 8-9.

The hackathon serves as a forum for coders to design and display innovative apps on the Now Platform that can solve real business problems.

This year, more than 100 teams competed in the hackathon. ServiceNow judges for the event—including a vice president of platform product management, senior product managers, staff engineers, and developer advocates—selected four finalists and the Grand Prize winner, as well as five targeted award winners. The Grand Prize-winning team received Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets and Bose Bluetooth headphones.

Let’s meet the winners:

Grand Prize
Best Mobile Experience app

Team: Hakuna Matata
App: Virtual University

The coronavirus pandemic forced many universities and educational institutions to move to a 100% online format. The app creates a single, easy-to-use platform for students, teachers, and administrators to manage their workloads and interactions. Students, for example, can use mobile devices to register for classes, attend lectures, take quizzes, and communicate with their peers.

The Grand Prize winner of the Knowledge 2021 CreatorCon Hackathon is Team Hakuna Matata for its Virtual University app.

Best Now Experience app

Team: Dev Without Hats
App: Obsequio

Each year, medical errors cause 100,000 deaths and cost healthcare organizations up to $20 billion a year, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Healthcare groups often struggle to document these errors effectively because many still rely on decentralized, paper-based systems that provides neither transparency nor confidentiality.

This app creates a scalable, cloud-based system for desktop and mobile devices that allows users to report risk, safety, and compliance issues. Similar to an IT or HR help desk, the system generates a ticket and then assigns a risk assessment agent to examine the issue. The app also provides a dashboard for leaders to examine overall data and identify trends.

Best app started from AES

Team: PhilGoesDeep
App: OBS Overlays with App Engine Studio

Hosting live online events is challenging as they traditionally require highly technical skills and solutions. This app allows people to more easily stream events, interact with audiences, and gain valuable, real-time analytics.


Team: Arnav Solo
App: SentimentNow

In today's world of social media, consumers aren’t shy about sharing their opinions regarding a company's product or service. Often, customers fill out surveys but companies don't receive that information in time to prevent customer service agents from repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Using machine learning, this app helps companies monitor consumer interactions in real time and spot patterns that result in unhappy customers, such as lack of knowledge about a particular product or agent behavior that escalates disputes.

More than 100 teams competed in the Knowledge 2021 CreatorCon Hackathon to design innovative apps that solve real business problems.

Most compelling IntegrationHub spoke

Team: Team Scrantonicity
App: RAID (Request Automated In-office Delivery)

Employees often waste time performing menial tasks rather than focusing their time and energy on creative and productive projects. With this app, workers can use the Amazon Alexa voice assistant to order office supplies or personal protective equipment such as masks and have a drone deliver those items right to their desk.

Best use of Now Intelligence

Team: ServiceNow's Gaming Division
App: Virtua Agent

This team wanted to promote creativity and innovation in the workplace by demonstrating how existing technology can do much more than its original purpose. For example, many companies now use enterprise chatbots to assist employees who need IT help.

This app transformed the chatbot into a type of digital game show host that can enable messages from one user to another, moderate Q&As, and assign roles to users that dynamically change.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Learn more about building apps on the Now Platform with Creator Workflows.

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