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May 06, 2021

Industry coverage at Knowledge 2021

Every executive follows trends in their industry to keep tabs on competitors. There’s often equal value in applying insights from innovators in other sectors.

Knowledge 2021 attendees can do both. Presentations from companies in five major industries—manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, telecom, and government—will show digital transformation trends in each sector. Companies are putting ServiceNow to work to help them redefine customer and employee experiences, streamline service delivery, and unlock the value of digital workflows.

Here’s a quick look at what’s on tap in each sector:


As the challenges of 2020 showed, efficient supply chains can be a critical differentiator in many industries, especially manufacturing. One Knowledge session, Creating supply chain transparency in manufacturing, will show why better transparency can help organizations respond to many supply chain business challenges. It will also demonstrate how a central portal for vendors to submit issues can help businesses track and resolve vendor queries.

Partnerships are also vital, especially if your business wants to compete on experience. The Create world-class partnerships session will explain the importance of building relationships with distributors, resellers, and other third parties.

In another session, Delivering operational excellence in manufacturing, attendees will find out how to create a seamless experience for resellers, improve service quality, and reduce costs.

Financial services

What you do (or don’t do) on the operations level in financial services will influence customer experience. In the financial services keynote address, experts will discuss recent changes in the industry, now that customers have adopted digital services and workforces are accustomed to remote working.

In Delivering the digital future of financial services, attendees will see how companies have responded to the pandemic with a stronger focus on improving agility, scalability, and time to innovation.

The Transform customer journeys end to end with the Financial Services Operations Platform session will show how the Now Platform helps deliver better experiences, drive productivity, and streamline compliance.


The pandemic disrupted every industry, but most acutely healthcare and life sciences. That’s the central focus of the Knowledge 2021 healthcare keynote. That disruption accelerated digital transformation for many organizations—at first, to deal with immediate challenges, and now to leverage that ability to transform care.

As industry experts will share in sessions such as Unlocking the power of ServiceNow for healthcare and life sciences, creating consumer-like experiences can have far-reaching impacts on staff, safety, and patients.

In other sessions, attendees can learn how healthcare organizations are automating workflows, investing in self-service tools, and connecting cross-functional health teams and multiple clinical systems through personalized experiences.


In the telecom keynote, presenters will show how companies are redefining themselves in this ultra-competitive market. Some are embracing the shift by looking at internal challenges such as fragmented customer engagement points and service delivery processes. To delight customers, many are using ServiceNow to connect service centers and network operations to re-imagine the customer experience.

To launch new services that drive revenue, telecom businesses have to scale service and operations to increase efficiency and create next-generation experiences. In Streamlining service delivery at Deutsche Telekom, you’ll hear how the German service provider is streamlining its order management process, bringing solutions to market faster, and boosting productivity.


Even after investing billions in IT, many government agencies struggle to meet citizen expectations. In How to digitize a federal government agency, you’ll learn how the US General Services Administration (GSA) and others are meeting the challenge.

By focusing on governance, common data models, and reusable solutions, GSA’s IT team has rapidly implemented new digital workflows. Today, the organization is on its way to becoming the US government’s first fully digital agency.

We can’t wait to see you at Knowledge 2021. Not registered yet? Register today and follow us on Twitter at @Know365 and at #Know21.

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