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March 11, 2021

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This week marks one year since ServiceNow sent employees home to shelter in place. During that year, the world changed and the demands and expectations of our customers forever changed with it. I’m proud that ServiceNow was there to help our customers survive and thrive. From keeping work flowing while people sheltered  in place to helping streamline the vaccine management process, we’re committed to providing organizations across sectors the solutions they need to help overcome the challenges of the COVID era.

Throughout the pandemic, I’m proud that ServiceNow has increased its pace of innovation, introducing new digital tools and solutions, including for the telecommunications and financial services industries, with the tools to meet customers’ rapidly evolving needs.

Building on that foundation, today we introduced the Now Platform® Quebec release,  which includes new industry solutions and applications – among them one of ServiceNow’s first purpose-built solutions for healthcare providers. The new industry solutions in the Quebec release help organizations in the telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare industries innovate quickly, be more agile, and operate more productively within a new world of work hastened by COVID.

Streamlining Order Management in Telecommunications

Today, we rely on service providers to stay connected to colleagues, friends, and loved ones. This presents a huge opportunity for providers to capitalize on the promise of new digital revenue streams and partnerships, and drive cost efficiencies with existing services and operations. But providers need a fresh approach to order management to keep up with the requirements and consumer expectations of launching new services quickly.

Traditional order management systems aren't integrated to service assurance systems, making it difficult for contact center agents, network operations employees, and customers to get a clear picture of order status and service health. This drives up costs and slows time to market.

Today, ServiceNow released Order Management for Telecommunications to address the urgent need to streamline order management and support a new wave of digital services. Order Management transforms the ordering process – from order orchestration to fulfillment – into an automated workflow that connects all the required systems and people with end-to-end visibility and service assurance on a single platform. This includes the ability to:

  • Go to market fast with streamlined order management that aligns to TM Forum Open API
  •  Accelerate order delivery and reduce fallout with automated, catalog-driven workflows to connect order decomposition to fulfillment
  • Reduce the cost to serve customers and deliver a proactive customer experience with integrated workflows across fulfillment and assurance

 “With the establishment of the new B2B business unit in 2020, DTAG started the implementation of the B2B Powerhouse initiative, including the endeavor to radically simplify and unify processes and IT for the B2B business. For this purpose, the 1B2B leadership team decided to join the ServiceNow Design Partner Program for influencing and contributing to the further development of the ServiceNow platform capabilities in line with the needs of a modern B2B telco,” Angela Maragopoulou, CIO B2B, Deutsche Telekom

Digitizing Loan Operations in Financial Services

Customers are moving quickly, and their financial institutions need to keep pace. When requesting a loan, for example, customers expect an accurate, simple, and quick response that minimizes unnecessary requests for information, gives them full visibility into the status of their request, and doesn’t make them wait days or weeks for a response.

Unfortunately, financial services organizations’ back and front offices are not always in sync. The paper-, phone-, and email-based systems and processes used to manage and track requests are slow, manual, and disconnected. As a result, employees spend too much time searching for data and answers scattered across multiple systems, often with a negative impact on the customer experience.

To address this, ServiceNow today released Financial Services Loan Operations, a new, purpose-built app in ServiceNow® Financial Services Operations. The app transforms loan servicing into a unified, collaborative process between financial institutions and their customers. Financial institutions can offer customers a modern, digital experience with more transparency throughout the loan process. Customer requests and issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. 

With Loan Operations, retail and commercial banks can connect the dots across their businesses to:

  • ·Allow customers to submit loan servicing requests - and check the status of their requests in real-time - through a modern experience on the device of their choice
  • ·Speed up the loan servicing process by digitizing and streamlining old, manual processes and automatically connecting the right people, departments, and institutions, to resolve the customer’s request fast
  • · Provide business owners with advanced analytics tools including Performance Analytics and Process Optimization to track performance and deliver better customer outcomes


Connecting Clinicians to IT in Healthcare

With a pandemic underway, global healthcare systems have been pushed to the limit over the past 12 months. In the face of often overwhelming demand, clinicians still struggle with IT issues that can take critical time away from patients. Supporting healthcare providers by allowing them to focus on their patients has never been more critical.

Delivering on last June’s industry product announcement and in response to customer demand, today we introduced our first purpose-built app for healthcare providers: ServiceNow EMR Help. The app enables physicians to quickly submit a request or report a problem with a few clicks in their EMR system.

For example, when a clinician creates a ticket, the system automatically captures their requests and gives them the option to add a screenshot with appropriate encryption for personally identifiable data. On the back end, it provides a single platform for IT to seamlessly manage projects, resources, and deliverables. EMR Help improves the experience for clinicians and IT so providers can focus on patients.

Key benefits of EMR Help include:

  • Speed IT’s response and make the process more efficient by routing requests to the proper teams, ultimately helping patients receive the best possible experience at the point of care
  • Tag tickets with clinician details automatically, such as username and workstation ID, giving clinicians full visibility into the status and progress of reported issues and requests
  •  Reduce unreported issues and walkaways, as clinicians increasingly record issues within the EMR


We’re delivering  industry-specific workflows to help customers accelerate their digital transformation to make work flow, whenever, wherever. We have never been more inspired to help our customers meet all the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century economy.

Availability and More Information:

  • EMR Help is available now via the ServiceNow Store.


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