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June 25, 2021

3 employees in sales jobs at ServiceNow

It’s an extraordinary time to work in sales at ServiceNow, as the company continues to experience eye-popping growth. Our sales team is excited to let the world know about their collaborative culture and their satisfaction in knowing the impact ServiceNow is making for our customers, our employees, and the communities we serve.

“Our product is unmatched. Nobody out there is doing what we are doing,” says Preston H., an account executive who’s been with the company for seven years. “Back when I started, we were selling to directors, focusing in on incident management. It was very much a tactical conversation. Now, our conversations are at the CEO level, about impacting businesses in such a major way. It’s hard not to see us as a key strategic platform.”

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At ServiceNow, we make work, work better for people. Our sales employees are proud that didn’t stop during the COVID-19 pandemic. From supporting local governments to the hospitality industry to other technology companies, ServiceNow continued to help the world work more efficiently through these challenging times.

What it’s like to work in sales at ServiceNow

“We’ve done really cool things over the last year, like helping governments and companies with the COVID-19 crisis and helping people get safely back to work with our Safe Workplace apps,” shares Moira S., enterprise sales director.

“We are powerful in that we can innovate and turn on a dime. It’s very satisfying to know we can have such a deep impact so quickly and really help organizations, schools, universities…different counties, and even governments get what they need in a more efficient, digital way.”

"Our product is unmatched. Nobody out there is doing what we are doing. It's hard not to see us as a key strategic platform." Preston H., Commercial Account Executive, ServiceNow

Enterprise Account Executive Tracy R. explains how ServiceNow supported a major hotel client during the pandemic: “The hospitality industry was hit very hard,” she says. “The amount of customer calls to their global contact center was huge. We were able to work with them in both strategic and financial ways to address their specific needs during this unprecedented time."

Preston echoes the sentiments about helping others during the pandemic: “I’m incredibly proud of our partnership with Zoom,” he says. “During the pandemic, Zoom grew exponentially. Our partnership enabled them to better serve their customers, so that they could have conversations with their family or make sure schooling was still taking place.”

A little competition goes a long way

Our sales team is motivated by a common purpose: delivering a stellar customer experience. Members of our team share that a little competition sprinkled with the joy of winning and the power of building strong relationships makes this role rewarding.

“There’s always something you can learn from other people no matter their experiences, their attitude about life, and those good things,” Moira says. “I’m a people person. I love being with people.”

She also loves competition. “I was a Division 1 college athlete and national champion for the University of NC Chapel Hill field hockey team,” she explains. “I’d say that a lot of skills and mindset I learned playing sports at that level is transferrable to sales. Being resilient and having a winning attitude at all costs are things I’ve been able to bring to this job.”

Like Moira, Preston is inspired by his love of sports. “I played baseball, football, lacrosse—lots of sports. I think that both the team dynamic and competitive nature of those sports contributed to why I enjoy sales today,” he says.

“The thing about ServiceNow’s value—winning as a team—we stand behind that statement. As a sales rep, your team extends beyond just your technical solutions consultant. Your team includes all of our solution sales executives, product resources, value consultants, and even our leadership. I think it’s rare for sales reps in large enterprises to have the executive exposure and internal partnerships that we do at ServiceNow. We come together to do what’s best for the customer.”

"I like to work hard and be on a winning team. It's not even so much about the actual product. It's about the relationship you're building, the trust, and the partnership." Tracy R., Enterprise Account Executive, ServiceNow

Tracy says she too is driven by her competitive spirit and love of people. “I think that when you’re in sales, you’re competitive. I like to work hard and be on a winning team. I also love the interaction, talking with customers, and helping them find solutions,” she shares. “It’s not even so much about the actual product. It’s about the relationship you’re building, the trust, and the partnership.”

Learn more about sales career opportunities at ServiceNow.

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