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January 18, 2022

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As a former chief experience officer, I’ve seen just how impactful digital transformation can be. When I worked at Under Armour, we focused on our customers’ connected fitness journey, which unlocked new revenue streams and engagement opportunities.

Yet, I’ve been around long enough to see my fair share of disappointments and underperforming projects. Any C-level executive will say the same. 

IDC estimates that more than $3 trillion have been invested in digital transformation initiatives globally over the past three years, but less than half of organizations implementing those projects have yet to achieve the expected outcomes.1 In fact, our successes at Under Armour were something of an anomaly.

According to the 2021 McKinsey Global Survey, less than one-third of “companies’ transformations have been successful at both improving organizational performance and sustaining those improvements over time.”

However, leaders are still expected to deliver innovative digital products and experiences—and for good reason. The right digital transformation can supercharge a business in today’s competitive digital world. The trillion-dollar question is: Can we flip the script, change mindsets and behaviors, and foster an environment in which the majority of organizations realize their expected ROI?

I believe the answer is yes. Over the past six months, we’ve been on a journey here at ServiceNow to enable just such a reality, and we’re really excited to announce ServiceNow Impact™, available today.


The digital transformation value gap explained

ServiceNow Impact is the first-ever human- and AI-powered value acceleration solution that addresses what we call the value gap—the mismatch between the expected ROI of a digital transformation initiative and what it actually delivers.

The value gap is driven by three common but easily overlooked challenges:

  1. Many customers have difficulty tracking value and subsequent returns—impeding their ability to make smart investments over time.
  2. Others lack the right skill sets, tools, and relevant recommendations to achieve success.
  3. Still others struggle with a widening innovation adoption gap and difficulty addressing mounting technical debt with limited resources.

In aggregate, these issues make it difficult to align strategy with execution, resulting in failed digital transformations and wasted time and money. It can’t continue.

Today’s enterprises need a solution that ensures they realize value from and succeed with their digital transformation initiatives.

5 ways ServiceNow Impact bridges the value gap

ServiceNow Impact helps solve the three drivers of the value gap by providing personalized guidance and training, real-time value tracking and benchmarking, and enhanced technical support and tools. It helps organizations of every size and industry bridge the value gap and realize the ROI and results they deserve in five ways.

1. Increasing your ServiceNow bench strength

The talent gap is a significant barrier to the adoption of emerging technology. ServiceNow Impact addresses this by providing customers with a dedicated Impact Squad.

The Impact Squad amplifies a customer’s bench strength and ServiceNow expertise. It works hand in hand with the customer to align strategic initiatives to business outcomes and develop action plans to track key performance metrics.

Leveraging the AI-powered recommendation engine and ServiceNow Impact capabilities, the Impact Squad will establish a maturity baseline, identify milestones, accelerate time to value, and scale digital projects. Most importantly, its experts help ensure customers focus on the specific technologies that most directly drive results.

The Impact Squad meets each customer where they are in their unique transformation journey and personalizes their value experience.

ServiceNow Impact helps customers increase their ServiceNow bench strength with an Impact squad.

2. Upleveling your employees

Customers want relevant content and resources served to them at the right time. Again, it’s all about personalization. By leveraging the power of the recommendation engine in the Now Platform®, ServiceNow Impact delivers leading best practices, recommended learning paths by role, and resources tailored to customers’ needs and initiatives according to the stage of their journey.

This is another way ServiceNow Impact increases customers’ ServiceNow bench strength and helps them address the talent gap.

3. Ensuring smart, agile decisions over time

Curated industry and peer benchmarking makes it easy to see how an organization measures up and to create achievable goals. It also provides customers with an accurate picture of their progress, allowing them to refine plans and shift strategies based on real value numbers. C-level executives will tell you this is a true game changer and a critical factor in improving ROI.

Two businesspeople discuss peer benchmark performance.

4. Proactively addressing issues to conserve resources

Customers can now access premium support tools and technologies to monitor system health and help proactively prevent issues. Advanced care via developer support and advisory sessions can help customers review code and get expert help to ensure their digital transformation initiatives are on track.

5. Meeting your unique needs

ServiceNow Impact is built on the Now Platform, our architecture, and our data model. It’s delivered via a personalized, single-pane-of-glass digital experience that leverages AI to drive insights, alerts, and suggestions. The Impact Digital Experience allows customers to seamlessly access everything ServiceNow has to offer.

Accelerating the enterprise

It’s no secret that every company must digitally transform. Yet, the promise of digital transformation remains elusive. Fifteen years of McKinsey research confirms that lasting success remains the exception, not the rule.

We need to change that narrative. The world needs digital solutions, and there’s no time to waste. With ServiceNow and ServiceNow Impact, we are well on our way to ensuring every customer can make their digital visions a reality.

That’s how we solve the world’s greatest problems and unlock its greatest opportunities. Let’s get started.

Find out more about ServiceNow Impact. Read a Q&A with ServiceNow Chief Customer and Partner Officer Lara Caimi to learn more about how to maximize the value of your digital transformation.

1 IDC Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide, V2 2021; The C-Suite Tech Agenda for 2021: Business Priorities, Hurdles, and Tech Investments, Doc #EUR147497321, March 2021.

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