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November 18, 2022

Career growth: 2 women employees at ServiceNow

Ongoing learning and development resources and programs are vital to enabling employees to do their best work. That’s why at ServiceNow, we’ve designed programs to spur career growth, helping employees grow themselves, their teams, and the business.

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The incredible amount of opportunity at ServiceNow is what attracted Nikki V. to the company five years ago. “I think if you blink, you might miss one,” she says.

She’s seen those opportunities develop firsthand. After starting in finance, her former boss encouraged her to apply for the marketing chief of staff role—never mind the fact that she was eight months pregnant and about to go on maternity leave at the time.

Nikki got the position. The favorable circumstances that have followed have been an absolute game changer for her career growth, she says. Today, she’s the senior director of marketing talent engagement and special projects.

Following career opportunities abroad

Ying L., a director of product design, has also enjoyed career advancement at ServiceNow. She began her tenure as the eighth member of a team that has grown to more than 620 people across the globe.

Her ServiceNow career journey began in San Diego and eventually took her outside the United States. Ying followed her husband to Paris so he could pursue his Master of Business Administration degree, and that’s where her career growth truly took off. She led the performance analytics and reporting team in Amsterdam.

Ying and her family later moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where her daughter, Josephine, was born. After returning from maternity leave, Ying was given an opportunity to lead the NowX product design team, a role she still holds.

Watch the video to learn more about Nikki and Ying’s career journeys:


Speak up and trust your voice

The career growth both women experienced would not have been possible if they hadn’t spoken up and asked questions. If you don’t ask a question and use your voice, no one will know you’re lost or be able to offer a helping hand, Nikki says. Ying agrees. “In order to make an impact, we need to be able to trust our voice,” she adds.

Nikki and Ying serve as prime examples of what can happen when you dream big and take advantage of the opportunities around you. They’ve grown both personally and professionally as a result of their ambitions. And they’re not alone.

ServiceNow was named one of Fortune’s Best Large Workplaces for Women in 2022. We empower all our female employees to use their voices.

Join a company where you can do your best work and grow your career. Browse job opportunities at ServiceNow.

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