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October 06, 2022

Employee well-being: a ServiceNow employee, his wife, and two young children

At ServiceNow, we help employees live their best life, do their best work, and fulfill our purpose together. One way we do that is through a holistic approach to employee well-being, supporting them physically, emotionally, and financially. This includes access to global and local resources, from benefits plans and programs to mental health support, parental leave, and family resources.

One of these resources is the Cleo app, which helps new parents navigate their child’s development from birth through age 12. For Senior Manager of Solution Consulting Jamie B. and his wife, Emma, the Cleo app proved helpful in ways they never imagined.

Valuable parental support

Jamie and Emma’s 2-year-old son, Harry, was born during the pandemic. Although there’s nothing medically wrong with Harry, Emma wanted him to develop well amid the lockdown. She and Jamie visited several sleep and feeding consultants via the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS). “I wanted to help Harry get into the best possible [sleeping] routines,” she explains. 

A couple of years later, daughter Aurelia joined the family. Shortly before Jamie started his paternity leave, ServiceNow announced Cleo as a resource to help families with guidance and support. “I thought, ‘Well, this app sounds interesting,’” Jamie recalls.

Having this [wellness] resource gave us relief and confidence about our decision, and it allowed me to focus more on work. - Jamie B., Sr. Mgr, Solution Consulting, Staines, UK

Since the app's services included a sleeping consultation, Jamie decided to sign up. Once he was registered, Emma explored the app and eventually met with Aubrey, their assigned guide, via the app. Aubrey checked in with Emma periodically to offer support.

As time went on and Jamie was set to return to work, Emma realized she’d have to manage two entirely different schedules for eating, sleeping, and caring for her two children. Emma reached out to Aubrey and was amazed at her swift response. “I’ve never experienced help come that quickly before,” she explains. “That was definitely the best thing about the app.”

Help for life-changing decisions

When Aurelia was 4 months old, Jamie and Emma confided in Aubrey that the baby had a severe tongue-tie—a restriction of the tongue’s range of motion. The condition didn’t affect Aurelia’s feeding, but it posed a potential problem as she developed in age and abilities. Aubrey, as it turns out, is an expert in tongue-tie and runs a clinic in France.

“We had a lot of questions about doing a tongue-tie division on Aurelia,” Emma says. The surgical procedure involves cutting the short piece of skin on the underside of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. “It was the consultation with Aubrey that helped us make the decision to go ahead and have the division done,” Emma adds.

Before the surgery, Jamie wrestled with the idea. “It was something that, at times, kept me awake at night, thinking, ‘Are we doing the right thing?’” he says. “Having this resource gave us relief and confidence about our decision, and it allowed me to focus more on work.” The app “helped us come to a very difficult decision about something so important to us,” he adds.

Jamie and Emma continue to use the application for parenting tips and organization.

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Photography credit: Vanessa Keevil

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