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November 03, 2022

Workplace productivity: workers busily working in an office

ServiceNow is on a mission to help businesses be more resilient in the midst of trying times. Building on our recent Now Platform® Tokyo release, I’m excited to announce a host of new offerings designed to help organizations run better and increase workplace productivity.

Our latest solutions aim to improve both employee and customer experiences across all industries and accelerate growth with tailor-made solutions for telecommunications and the public sector.

Bolstering worker support

Third-party vendors and contractors now make up an important part of every organization’s ecosystem. ServiceNow® Contractor Mobile makes it easier for contractors to get work done on the go. Contractors can manage day-to-day tasks and access inventories and incidentals via a mobile app—even when they’re offline. Similarly, contractor managers can assign work and close work orders whether or not they’re connected.

Customer service teams often lack visibility and insight into agent performance and drivers of service experience. Collecting and analyzing customer feedback through surveys is a manual and tedious process.

The Qualtrics XM Discover Connector for ServiceNow mitigates this problem by allowing teams to collect customer sentiment without surveys. A product of our partnership with Qualtrics, the solution automatically analyzes live and virtual agent chats and metadata to uncover the emotion, intent, and effort of each interaction. It also triggers coaching opportunities and serves actionable tips to help agents improve.

Streamlining technology service

Organizations rely on technical blueprints to carry out service operations. Teams must ensure the services they provide map to the technologies that make them possible. This can be an intensive, manual effort, draining time and resources.

Automated service suggestions, available through Service Mapping Plus, simplify service mapping. They enable organizations to analyze network traffic and suggest entry points for business-critical services with just a few clicks. The solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the process. This helps save IT teams valuable time and money while generating more accurate enterprisewide mapping.

Automated service suggestions

Empowering industries

Although government departments excel at delivering emergency services, many lack the infrastructure needed to deploy nonemergency services with the same speed. That’s bad news for constituents, who rely on the public sector to maintain utilities such as gas and electricity, and for employees, who want a streamlined process to meet the public’s expectations.

Service Request Playbook builds on Public Sector Digital Services to shorten the time it takes to address nonemergency requests, similar to the 311 nonemergency system. Through intelligent work orchestration, public sector agencies can prioritize incoming requests and communicate transparently to keep constituents updated.

Service Request Playbook

Like public sector agencies, telecommunications companies field hundreds or even thousands of critical service requests per day. Customers expect fast, accurate service. However, order management and network inventory systems are often disconnected: Inventory is assigned and activated in one system, and service requests are delivered in another.

Fulfillment managers lack full visibility into their own inventory and must toggle between systems to figure out if they have the tools they need for the job. As a result, service is costly and can take weeks or months rather than hours or days.

To alleviate inefficiency and drive automation, we’ve integrated Network Inventory with Order Management. This allows telecommunications teams to effortlessly design and assign the required network resources for the services ordered, providing a seamless service experience.

Simplifying workspace planning

The workplace has changed. Organizations and employees don’t have the same needs they did three years ago. Workspaces must be reorganized to suit the new world of work, but operations teams are stretched. Any reorganization can quickly prove time-consuming and expensive.

Workplace Scenario Planning, part of the Workplace Service Delivery Suite, enables visual space planning for facilities teams. Managers can optimize office space by experimenting with workplace layouts and designing custom scenarios.

Workplace Scenario Planning - Map View

The solution enhances the existing Workplace Space Management application and can be accessed via Workplace Central, a new centralized destination for space planners and workplace teams. It provides a consolidated view for optimizing the use of space and driving cost efficiencies.

Multi-building Reservations, also part of the suite, enables employees to plan for special events and large-scale gatherings by reserving spaces simultaneously across different buildings, campuses, or sites.

These new innovations are available today in the ServiceNow Store. We’ll continue to innovate in our quest to make the world work better for everyone.

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