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June 14, 2022

The Smart Factory @ Wichita exterior

Jason Bergstrom, principal and smart factory go-to-market leader for Deloitte Consulting, co-authored this blog.

The manufacturing industry is changing fast. Modern manufacturing must be simple, agile, and intelligent for companies to remain competitive.

Smart manufacturing is the way to achieve those goals. It’s a flexible system that can self-optimize performance across a broader network, self-adapt, and learn from new conditions in real time while autonomously running entire production processes.

As leading manufacturers prioritize system modernization in pursuit of smart factories, the path to transforming the shop floor (and beyond) isn’t always clear. There’s a careful balance to strike between:

  • Accelerating time to value through modern, integrated systems

  • Incurring minimal disruption while modernizing factory operations

Having a unified, sustainable model for digital manufacturing takes more than connecting isolated technologies within facilities. Manufacturers need a comprehensive vision that closes the interaction gaps in traditional factory models between people, processes, and systems.

At ServiceNow, we’re committed to supporting the manufacturing sector and continue to invest in and innovate ways to solve manufacturers’ unique challenges. Together with our partners, we bring critical aspects to a modern manufacturing enterprise.

The future of manufacturing is digital

At The Smart Factory @ Wichita, for example, Deloitte is collaborating with ServiceNow and more than 20 other market-leading partners and innovators to offer an immersive experience that helps manufacturers envision the digital future.

Overhead internal shot of the Smart Factory @ Wichita

Located on the Innovation Campus at Wichita State University, this fully integrated production line shows first-hand how the integration of existing technologies can create sustainable investments and drive value. The 60,000-square-foot facility includes an end-to-end smart production line and experiential labs.

“The Smart Factory @ Wichita is a dynamic experience center that allows visitors to engage with the manufacturing facility of tomorrow,” explains Stephen Laaper, principal and smart factory lead for Deloitte Consulting.

“Deloitte is accelerating the industry’s transformation with our investments and key partnerships, and ServiceNow has been essential in bringing our vision of the future of manufacturing to life. Together with our customers, we can brainstorm and innovate to see what’s possible.”

ServiceNow enables two of the key use cases at the Smart Factory @ Wichita: Factory Asset Intelligence/Performance Management and Quality Sensing & Detection. The live ServiceNow deployment of the factory floor will showcase how the Now Platform® drives actionable results to address manufacturing issues and deliver value to customers.

Collaborating for manufacturing success

Combining Deloitte’s vision, experience, and deep industry knowledge in manufacturing with ServiceNow’s ability to enable that vision through technology can empower manufacturers to proactively manage resources, physical assets, and schedules.

“Key ecosystem partners, like ServiceNow, are essential to Deloitte’s vision of the future of manufacturing,” says Asish Ramchandran, Deloitte’s global chief commercial officer for the ServiceNow alliance.

“We’ve spent the last decade establishing our proficiency across enabling functions and industry vehicles. Now, we’re building on our relationship and deepening our capabilities in manufacturing with use cases that are already being used around the globe.”

To capitalize on the value of new technologies, the manufacturing industry must evolve. Through efforts such as The Smart Factory @ Wichita, ServiceNow and Deloitte are reimagining the entire value chain with a single system of action—turning visibility into value and making automation an advantage.

Find out more about how ServiceNow and Deloitte are bringing the future of manufacturing to life.

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