Why ServiceNow is among Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For (again)

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April 04, 2023

Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For 2023

“This place is absolutely magical,” says ServiceNow Senior Staff Technical Writer Suzanne S. That sentiment is shared by many other employees and contributed to ServiceNow being named to the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list for the third year in a row.

Created in partnership with Great Place To Work, Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For are places where four out of five employees:

  • Feel psychologically and emotionally healthy

  • Look forward to going to work

  • Find meaning in their jobs

Hitting these statistics is encouraging. But at ServiceNow, being one of the best companies to work for is much more than that. It’s personal.

The company works hard to create a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Thanks to culture audits and in-depth surveys from our employees, we outperformed the Russell 3000 Index by 3.3 times. When you’re living your best life, doing your best work, and fulfilling your purpose, rave reviews simply roll off the tongue.


Inclusion is more than a buzzword

Inclusion is a felt sense that means the world to those who experience it. When Talent Sourcer Loveth U. moved from Nigeria to Ireland in 2019, she immediately felt uncomfortable. “I knew how distinct my skin color was from every other person, and it made me very conscious,” she recalls.

Before her first ServiceNow after-hours social gathering, Loveth expected to feel isolated. “I was going to leave as soon as I felt uncomfortable,” she told herself. But the outcome surprised her.

“I didn’t feel the need to act a certain way. Everyone was so accepting,” she says. “That night made me realize that, yeah, I made the right choice by being here.” Despite their differences, she felt welcomed and accepted by her new colleagues.  

“My manager and I were the first people to get there, and we were among the last people to leave as well,” she adds with a chuckle.

At ServiceNow, we know our people make us unique and our differences make us stronger. We strive every day to make everyone feel they belong and are welcome. 

The product speaks for itself

When Suzanne S. joined ServiceNow in March 2011 as employee No. 349, she knew it was something special. "Working for a company that has a purpose and that’s trying to do something meaningful," she says, “is infectious.”

It’s easy to feel inspired when you’re digitally transforming businesses and nonprofits of every size and scale with a product as powerful and ever-evolving as the Now Platform. “It’s believing in this product’s ability to fundamentally change the workplace and change how people work,” Suzanne says.

A product and culture like this is never boring either. “That constant spirit of innovation, mixing things up, never settling” makes ServiceNow dynamic. The company is elevated daily through the ambitious, change-making hard work of the leadership team and each and every employee.

You’re not just a number

ServiceNow recognizes that life happens outside the workplace, and we want our people to be present for the moments that matter to them. We walk the talk when it comes to work-life balance.

When Senior Talent Acquisition Partner Joanna R. was looking for her first job in the technology sector, she wanted to find a company that would support her as a single mom and encourage her career growth. Regarding home life and career, “I have to make sure I'm doing both equally well,” she says.

Joanna hit the jackpot with ServiceNow. “The work-life balance is really tough to find somewhere else,” Joanna admits. “I’ve never ever felt the pressure to not go see my daughter. It’s always been met with, ‘Go. That’s where you need to be.’”

We get the best out of our people when we respect their commitments to their families, friends, and communities. A company full of rested, fulfilled employees creates an energized culture that makes us excited to show up and dream big every day. Who wouldn’t want that?

Join one of the best companies to work for. Explore ServiceNow careers.

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