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June 06, 2023

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In the first post in this series on how ServiceNow uses diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) data, we examined how analytics is used to help us know where we are and where we need to go. In this post, we’ll dive into how we execute our DEI priorities using analytics to reap DEI data benefits.

DEI is everyone’s responsibility. Although different parts of the organization—strategy, marketing, HR, finance, legal, and other departments—have different roles, their collective effort and leadership are required for DEI to become reality.

Operationalizing and scaling DEI

At ServiceNow, every organization was at a different starting point. The priorities of the engineering organization were different from those of IT, sales, or marketing. We needed tailored insights into each organization’s challenges as well as people inside each business unit who could lead their organizations in executing their DEI priorities. That’s why we launched the Diversity Advisory Council (DAC).

The purpose of the DAC is to directly engage the business to implement and scale DEI best practices across the organization. Every business unit at ServiceNow is represented in the DAC. Senior leaders provide thought leadership, oversight, and ownership of DEI goals and metrics while ambassadors translate their passion for DEI into large and small initiatives that move the needle in executing their DEI strategy.

Tailored, data-driven insights are provided to each business unit to reflect our DEI data as well as external intelligence. For example, hiring data incorporates our historical rates and the total addressable market (TAM) of our industry, business function, competitor positioning, and the markets we serve.

Each organization is given unique data insights and the flexibility to engage at their own pace. Our global talent insights organization assumes the role of data quarterback as the single source of truth and the provider of a standard approach to analyzing our DEI data.


Our commitment to DEI manifests in how we invest our resources to address the challenges of today and anticipate our needs for the future.


Promoting DEI innovation

At ServiceNow, we also encourage DEI innovation both inside and outside the organization. Some departments analyze progression data to increase participation in learning and development programs. Others engage with more intent and depth with external partners to hire more diverse talent.

Different levers are pulled for similar programs as well. Our procurement department actively promotes our supplier diversity program while our legal department works to encourage more diverse legal talent at our outside counsel. The possibilities are endless.

DEI is fostered through the everyday decisions of our employees—decisions anchored in our core values and powered through analytics. Through data-driven, enterprisewide DEI strategy and execution at the business units, we build allyship, advocacy and, ultimately, ownership of the DEI mission.

Addressing barriers to equity

Our commitment to DEI manifests in how we invest our resources to address the challenges of today and anticipate our needs for the future. In the U.S., we analyzed career progression data of our underrepresented talent and recognized we needed a deeper leadership bench. ServiceNow launched a sponsorship program to provide high-performing, high-potential talent with targeted support from the company’s senior leadership.

This is an opt-in program in which eligibility is earned, not given. Each participant is responsible for tailoring the program to their individual needs and career objectives. As the program is rolled out to all demographic groups, ServiceNow aims to build a diverse succession pipeline reflective of our DEI goals and ambitions. 

Process improvement is one of many ways to address systemic barriers to equity. Some examples of process improvement that can advance equity are:

  • Ensuring all employees have regular career growth conversations with their managers

  • Deploying an evaluation rubric and template to document employee progress

  • Encouraging a diverse slate in hiring

Acting on data

Solid processes also generate process data. Setting up metrics to track each major process and gauging progress help us identify any needle-moving changes that we need to scale more broadly. This also helps us identify processes that are producing diminishing returns so that we can pivot or sunset them.

As our data showed a growing presence of women in the company and in leadership globally, we concluded that there was need for a formalized approach to gender equity training. To address the many cultural and legal landscapes, we engaged a partner to provide DEI training with a focus on gender equity. This is one of many partnerships we pursue to provide expert, scalable support to our people.

Our approach to DEI is gradual, layered, and broad. It’s based on data analytics that provide both the reasoning and the direction of our efforts.

Find out more about ServiceNow’s commitment to DEI.

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