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July 20, 2023

Taylor B., Lauren P., and Michael D., graduates of the ServiceNow Finance Development Rotation Program

From late high school and into college, Taylor B., financial planning and analysis (FP&A) manager at ServiceNow, found herself captivated by the juxtaposition of numbers-driven finance and the ability to convey the story behind those numbers. Yet the wide array of opportunities within the finance field left her uncertain about her post-graduation plans.

"There are so many areas you can go into," she says. “That’s why I was so excited to discover ServiceNow’s Finance Development Rotation Program. It gave me the path to be able to do my best work and the freedom to try something new. I learned a tremendous amount and then moved on to the next opportunity."

Offering the chance to explore diverse roles within the company's finance teams, the program is designed to develop recent college graduates into finance professionals by providing access to comprehensive professional training, mentorship, and cross-functional work experience. Last year, 100% of the 20 to 25 participants decided to remain in finance at ServiceNow upon completion of the program rather than look for external opportunities.

Preparing for a successful career

Taylor is one of dozens of college graduates who’ve joined ServiceNow as part of the rotation program, which spans 2.5 to 3.5 years, depending on the participant’s area of focus. Today, she supervises Lauren P., a senior analyst at ServiceNow who also participated in the program.

“I kind of knew I wanted to do something tech- and finance-related based on my classes,” says Lauren, who graduated with a degree in international business, “but I wasn’t quite sure what. So, I was excited to hear about this opportunity.”

What I appreciate about the rotation program is the additional benefits it offers in terms of mentorship, learning opportunities, and camaraderie. -Taylor B., FP&A Manager

Lauren had the chance to try several roles before landing mostly in FP&A. “I really liked the FP&A team but wanted to help across the various teams,” she adds. “The rotation program helped me understand how everything rolls up. Right now, I’m working with Taylor on helping product leadership better understand their financial resources and make data-informed decisions on where to allocate them."

Pivots and transitions

Michael D., internal audit manager who briefly supervised Taylor during her rotation in internal audit, also joined ServiceNow as an intern and never looked back. "After nine years in the military, I was ready for a transition into my new career when I heard about ServiceNow,” he says. “The Finance Rotation Program was a fantastic way to explore my options.”

Michael recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary at the company at a finance meeting led by ServiceNow Chief Financial Officer Gina Mastantuono. He reminds us that the adjustments between military and civilian life can be challenging.

“I performed two different jobs in the military: I was working on electronics and weapons systems,” he says. “Today, I work in audit at ServiceNow, and I’m still learning new things every day. Some things that carry over from the military, though, are the leadership, the work ethic, the drive, and the idea of being humble.”

Lauren agrees the program aids in major life transitions. "After graduating from college, you might find yourself living alone in an apartment and joining a program or a company. It can be intimidating, as you suddenly feel surrounded by more seasoned professionals,” she says. “The rotation program provides a cohort of individuals going through the same stage of life, with a shared understanding of the challenges young people face in their career growth."

Mentorship and winning as a team

"What I appreciate about the rotation program is the additional benefits it offers in terms of mentorship, learning opportunities, and camaraderie,” Taylor adds. “You feel a sense of unity with your peers while also receiving individual mentoring and knowledge sharing, which ensures you never feel like a small fish in a big sea. In fact, I’ve formed incredibly close relationships with colleagues who are now part of our organization."

After nine years in the military, I was ready for a transition into my new career when I heard about ServiceNow,” he says. “The Finance Rotation Program was a fantastic way to explore my options. -Michael D., Internal Audit Manager

Michael finds gratification in the growth and evolution of the rotation program since he participated in it. "Observing Taylor, Lauren, and many others find their passion and fit within the company through this process is truly inspiring," he remarks. "While the rotation program undoubtedly equips you for advanced roles if you were to pursue a job elsewhere, you would want to stay because of the exceptional people and culture here."

Lauren agrees wholeheartedly. "I genuinely love my team.” she says. “The culture they have fostered creates an environment where they trust you to share your opinions, and they support you, full stop. This culture extends even to out-of-office events like birthday celebrations and happy hours. It’s unique and definitely a reason why I decided to stay."

“What makes our rotation program best in class is the opportunity it provides to work with senior-level leaders on highly visible projects within the company,” says Cristina S., senior manager of finance development. “We’re so proud of the success we’ve had in recruiting diverse applicants, and we’re thrilled to continue growing the program.”

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