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May 16, 2023

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At ServiceNow, our purpose to make the world work better for everyone extends far beyond words on a page. It’s a founding vision for how we operate and serve. Our entire company is united by it. What started as software for simpler, easier, faster work quickly grew into a global technology platform in service of people and the greater good.

That’s why our annual Global Impact Report and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report are both significant to us—they’re true embodiments of our desire to exemplify and enable responsible business leadership for decades to come. Driving growth and building a responsible business are one and the same.

We’re steadfast in our goals and will continue measuring our progress in a manner that honors transparency, equity, and accountability to our more than 20,000 global employees, our partners, our customers, and our communities.

When everyone feels like environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts are truly connected to the purpose of the company, that’s when you can make real progress. When you underpin that with data and technology, it’s a force multiplier. 

This year marks our third annual Global Impact Report and our sixth annual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Report. Our 2022 data across both reports provides a glimpse into how far we’ve come, where we are today, and where and how we intend to focus our efforts to drive meaningful, sustainable change going forward.

ESG and long-term value creation

As outlined in this year’s Global Impact Report, our ESG mandate is twofold: to advance ServiceNow ESG programs and evolve with our stakeholders while creating the tools and workflows that enable our partners and customers to advance theirs.

“Organizations understand that taking ESG seriously has wide-ranging benefits that can help them outperform competitors, deepen stakeholder trust, and drive proven long-term value creation,” says Gina Mastantuono, chief financial officer at ServiceNow. “That’s why I always say purpose and profits are not mutually exclusive. ESG is a business imperative that has a lasting positive impact, driving top-line growth and bottom-line profitability.”

Our focus on creating positive impact for society and the environment promotes deep engagement, strong risk management, and an innovative culture. We apply our tried-and-true ServiceNow approach to solving some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Innovation is the only way forward.


ESG is a business imperative that has a lasting positive impact, driving top-line growth and bottom-line profitability. -Gina Mastantuono, Chief Financial Officer, ServiceNow

ESG initiatives drive business results

We’re not the only ones who think so. ServiceNow and ThoughtLab surveyed 1,000 global executives across industries, and 64% said their ESG programs help them deliver better financial results and attract and retain talent. More than half (61%) said digital innovation is essential to realizing their ESG goals.

By using ServiceNow solutions to track, measure, and report in 2022, we made progress on our ESG commitments and investments, including: 

  • Launching the Now Platform Tokyo release, which expanded the capabilities of our ESG Management product to include spreadsheet-style metrics input and greenhouse gas accounting

  • Using the Now Platform to manage and deliver on our own ESG metrics that our stakeholders care about

  • Developing our approach to net zero by 2030 

  • Providing a carbon-neutral cloud for our customers 

  • Maintaining 100% renewable electricity 

  • Introducing RiseUp with ServiceNow to skill 1 million people by 2024 

  • Developing our internal learning platform, frED, to further employees’ learning and growth

  • Growing employee volunteer hours by more than 80% year over year

These and other highlights detailed in our Global Impact Report 2023 reflect the strength of our commitment to sustain our planet, create equitable opportunity, and act with integrity—all supported by the Now Platform and solutions.

As we continue on our path to become the defining enterprise software company of the 21st century, we’ll:

  • Enhance our solution offerings to support our customers’ ESG journeys

  • Lay the groundwork for more sustainable products using green IT principles

  • Manage ESG impact in our value chain via responsible sourcing and supplier engagement

  • Implement a sustainability-first mindset throughout our organization and across our value chain to meet our net-zero emissions goal by 2030

  • Execute development programs for our early-in-career colleagues and enact a manager readiness program to invest in building a deeper, more diverse pipeline

  • Make ongoing strategic investments focused on maturing security and data privacy

Find out more about our commitment to ESG in our Global Impact Report 2023.

Transparency, equity, and accountability

In our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report 2023, we share the progress we’ve made on our commitments and explain how we’ll build and execute a focused, strategic path forward. Informed by six years of intent, action, and difficult conversations, we know that moving from intentionality to measurable outcomes is how we drive continued change and maintain a culture of trust.

We are integrating our focus on DEI throughout our business with intent and action. Our ServiceNow commitment will not waver. -Karen Pavlin, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, ServiceNow

This year’s DEI Report includes notable milestones. We:

  • Increased representation among women globally across our business to 32.5%, including in leadership, sales, and general and administrative positions

  • Increased representation of underrepresented groups in the U.S. to 14.7%

  • Grew membership in our vibrant Employee Belonging Groups by 42%

  • Launched the Families at ServiceNow Belonging Group to support and inspire working parents, caregivers, and allies

  • Increased our diverse supplier spend to 19% (significantly above the industry average of 3% to 5%)

  • Maintained systematic pay equity around the world

In 2023, we want to do more. And we can do more. For the first time, we’re publicly stating our DEI goals. By 2025, we intend to increase the percentage of underrepresented groups across the United States to 16% of our workforce and increase the representation of women across our organization globally to 34%.

“Challenging times can test the resilience of people and companies alike, but I remain optimistic about the future,” says Karen Pavlin, chief equity and inclusion officer at ServiceNow. 

“We are integrating our focus on DEI throughout our business with intent and action. Our ServiceNow commitment will not waver. We will continue to drive growth and build a responsible business with the full power of our people and platform to create measurable and meaningful change.”  

We empower our global workforce to use their voices to push for change. We nurture a culture that embraces a range of skills, experiences, and perspectives. We constantly ask ourselves how we can do better, knowing that the only way to do so is through our people. We’re incredibly proud of the determination among all our employees and leaders to achieve our DEI goals.

To keep progressing toward our goals, we’re prioritizing three areas of action:

  1. Bringing data-driven rigor to DEI challenges we encounter 

  2. Accelerating DEI initiatives across our talent, customer, supplier, and product experiences

  3. Engaging with strategic partners to advance DEI across our business

Find out more about our commitment to DEI in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report 2023.

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