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March 02, 2023

Zero touch mobility: closeup of a hand holding a mobile phone

Business leaders continue to face new pressures and challenges—from ongoing global uncertainty and increased geopolitical instability to tightening budgets and having to do more with less. To thrive, enterprises must invest for the future while simultaneously finding ways to operate more efficiently.

At ServiceNow, we believe partnerships are the answer. To dive deeper into this partnership model, we sat down with Erica Volini, senior vice president of global partnerships at ServiceNow, and Sean Im, president and CEO of Samsung SDS America, to discuss the launch of Zero Touch Mobility (ZTM) on ServiceNow.

What can you tell us about Zero Touch Mobility?

Erica: First, I want to say how incredibly excited I am to launch Samsung ZTM through our Built on ServiceNow Partner Program. Together, we’ve maximized the intersection of Samsung’s leadership and innovation with the power of the Now Platform to create something that is truly transformational in nature.

Sean: I couldn’t agree more, Erica. And the process for co-creation with ServiceNow has been seamless at every step. This approach has accelerated our time to market and is driving better outcomes for our joint customers.

Rolling out a full fleet of mobile devices across an organization is time-consuming and full of manual IT tasks. To streamline, drive efficiency, and remove costs, we launched ZTM to simplify and hyperautomate mobile lifecycle management.

ZTM enables true digitization of a highly manual and complex process while fundamentally transforming how customers manage this lifecycle. ZTM natively integrates the mobile ecosystem into the Now Platform to simplify and automate on a single pane of glass.


By launching ZTM through out Built on ServiceNow program, we've maximized the intersection of Samsung's leadership and innovation with the power of the Now Platform to create something truly transformational. - Erica Volini, SVP, Global Partnerships, ServiceNow

How did Zero Touch Mobility come about?


Sean: Samsung is a leader in mobile devices and services, and ServiceNow is a leader in integrating and creating digital workflows. So it was a no-brainer for us to come together and reimagine how enterprise mobility could be delivered.

Erica: Exactly right. Our goals and priorities for the mobility lifecycle management space were completely aligned, and we saw the potential to be better together. ZTM will position us as a leader in providing platform-based services to help enterprises digitally transform across all their disparate tools, systems, and processes.


Why did you choose ServiceNow for Zero Touch Mobility?

The Now Platform is a cut above. I love that it’s a low-code, no-code, highly intuitive user experience. The power of the platform is that it can work across any application and connect very complex environments to work as a digital engagement platform. You no longer have to recognize 17 applications, five different companies, and 16 disparate processes. It works as if it's a single experience.

Erica: Both Samsung and ServiceNow have unique skills and experience in the market. By having a clear view into the problems we’re solving, we’re able to use our combined experience and expertise to co-create and innovate.


Together with ServiceNow, Samsung SDS will actively support the digital transformation of our clients and further expand our cloud-based solution and services on a global level. - Sean Im, President and CEO, Samsung SDS America

What is the market challenge you’re solving?

Zero-touch deployment models are a good choice for any organization. But they’re best suited for organizations that want to maintain policy compliance within their full device ecosystem—and have the flexibility to quickly deploy new or replacement devices to their end users.  

Sean: Agreed. ZTM unlocks the power to harness data within a mobile phone to aid productivity and improve the user experience. This is a huge untapped area for enterprises and workforces that opens doors to actionable insights, powerful workflows, and automation.

Some examples are network optimization and proactive battery replacement, which automatically detects battery health and uses a proactive workflow for battery or device replacement.

How is this being used by customers today?

Perfect timing. This week, we’re celebrating the fact that Hyperion, a leading managed service provider and value-added reseller focused on enterprise mobility, has decided to roll out Zero Touch Mobility across its organization. 

Hyperion will deploy ZTM on its new ServiceNow instance as a phase 1 and plans to migrate its managed services and customer support over to ServiceNow in subsequent phases.


The Samsung SDS Zero Touch Mobility solution will allow us to harness the data of our mobile fleet, streamline the process, and save costs––so we can deliver fast, and stay agile. - Evan Tomlin, Chief Technology Officer, Hyperion Partners

What are new areas of co-creation for Samsung and ServiceNow?

This is just the beginning of our joint co-creation. Under our new partnership agreement, Samsung SDS and ServiceNow will work to expand cloud-based business and strengthen our collaboration on new digital technologies. Together, we’ll offer services through joint applications of our solutions and the Now Platform.

Sean: I completely agree. Together with ServiceNow, Samsung SDS will actively support the digital transformation of our clients and further expand our cloud-based solution and services on a global level.

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