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Renewable energy company speeds resolution with an end-to-end support process

Incidents prioritised based on business impact

Incidents prioritised based on business impact

Superior employee experience

Superior employee experience

Real-time IT performance visibility

Real-time IT performance visibility

Nordex Group specialises in the design, production, commission and maintenance of wind energy turbines. The company needed to digitally transform of its service organisation. The IT team turned to ServiceNow for a scalable solution to integrate all incident reporting systems and create a single‑pane view of the status of all wind turbines.


Nordex brings digital transformation to its service organization
A developer and manufacturer of wind turbines, Nordex Group specialises in the design, production, commission and maintenance of wind energy turbines.

A growing part of Nordex Group, Nordex Service looks after the management and maintenance of a technically complex wind turbine fleet, for nearly all geographical regions across the globe.

Philipp Marten, Project Manager and Product Owner ServiceNow Platform at Nordex Service, was tasked with the digital transformation of the Nordex Service organisation. The team needed a scalable solution to integrate all incident reporting systems and create a single-pane view of the status of all wind turbines.

ServiceNow provides the platform to integrate systems and workflows
The incident management process that underpinned the smooth running of the wind turbine landscape was lacking.

Philipp Marten, explains, “We have around 1,500 employees in the field to ensure the proper functioning of our turbines, which contain a lot of IT, mechanical and electrical components. However, our dated, siloed legacy systems for reporting and managing incidents were creating confusion and inefficiencies.”

Nordex Service needed complete visibility to respond efficiently and accurately to issues in the field, and ServiceNow offered the ideal platform to meet its extensive requirement catalogue.

“ServiceNow delivered on the two aspects that were critical; the flexibility and availability of a cloud solution, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface to report on and manage incidents. If a solution was easy-to-use, then we knew our people would actively want to use it,” comments Philipp.

ServiceNow creates an end-to-end incident management approach
By integrating its numerous siloed systems onto the Now Platform, Nordex Service has created an end-to-end incident management approach, offering a complete, real-time overview of all incidents, including mechanical faults, occurring in the field.

A new, three-level support structure, underpinned by intelligent digital workflows, ensures incidents are prioritised based on business impact and driven through the entire resolution process. The result is a vastly more efficient approach, with incident resolution rates significantly accelerated to minimise downtime of the wind turbines.

Philipp explains, “Having a single platform has removed confusion for our employees, who no longer need to consider which system to use for what purpose. With ServiceNow, we have created an internal request fulfilment flow that is clearly separated from incidents, ensuring both are routed to the right person or team and escalated when required.”

ServiceNow brings analytics and total visibility to IT service management
Nordex Service has also benefitted from improved reporting, with a performance overview of all regions and departments available in real-time.

“By putting in place an end-to-end system, for the first time we are in a position to be able to measure and compare workload across our global operation. The speed of reporting has improved, with real-time insights informing decision making,” comments Philipp.

Different dashboard views have been created according to an employee’s role, for example technicians in the field or employees in a specific region, who can search for, monitor, and report on incidents. Predictive analytics is also helping the teams to anticipate and resolve issues before they become incidents.

Nordex transforms the employee experience with a self-service approach
Alongside the incident management process, the employee experience has also been transformed, unlocking new efficiencies across the Nordex Service workforce. The self-service incident portal is easy to use, giving users an intuitive way to raise incidents, make requests and track their status.

The reduction in phone calls and emails to raise or chase incidents has also positively impacted the Nordex Service team. All incidents are channelled through the Now Platform® using digital workflows, freeing up time for the Service team to spend on more meaningful work, such as systems and application development.

“Users of the ServiceNow platform have provided really positive feedback. The self-service portal is very easy to use and we are being asked to do more with ServiceNow because it is making work experiences so much better,” comments Philipp. “Our employees are really appreciative of what our ServiceNow project has delivered, as it has positively impacted their day-to-day working lives.”

Using ServiceNow to digitally optimise all aspects of the IT organisation
As Nordex Service moves forward in its IT transformation, the company considers ServiceNow to be its core strategic platform for the future, handling more and more processes through digital workflows.

Hamburg, Germany
1,000 to 5,000

Our strategy is to digitally optimise the complete incident management process chain of the Nordex Service business and the ServiceNow platform is the backbone of this change process. We are removing remaining legacy systems across the IT organisation, as well as standardising and migrating further processes onto our service platform.

Philipp Marten

Project Manager and Product Owner ServiceNow Platform


The existing incident management solution will be enhanced with further functionalities over time and rolled out at Acciona Windpower in Spain, part of the Nordex Group of companies.

ServiceNow provides full support for a mobile-first workforce
The rapidly-evolving mobile capabilities of the Now Platform also offer new opportunities for Nordex Service, with offline access offered by a new mobile application—ideal for wind turbines where no mobile internet connectivity is available.

“The high level of flexibility offered by the ServiceNow platform has been surprising and the standard toolset can be adapted to the needs of any business. As someone who is focused on improving and integrating processes and workflows, I’ve found ServiceNow to be the most accessible, intuitive platform that I have ever come across,” concludes Philipp.


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