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Swisscom uses ITOM on the Now Platform
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Swisscom creates even more inspirational customer experiences using ServiceNow


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Overview of every customer

Swisscom relies on ServiceNow to deliver a 360° view of each customer—enabling the creation of an online customer portal to power seamless experiences.

Inspirational experiences as a guiding organisational principle
Switzerland’s leading telecom provider Swisscom offers mobile telecommunications, fixed network, Internet, and digital TV solutions for business and residential customers. As one of the country’s largest providers of IT services, Swisscom develops and maintains the country’s wireless and wireline network infrastructure, distributes broadcasting signals, and is also active in the banking, energy, entertainment, advertising, and healthcare sectors.

The company’s main guiding principles are to provide the best service and inspirational experiences across the board. This is underpinned by the three cornerstones of Swisscom’s corporate strategy: best customer experience, operational excellence, and new growth.

After 15 years of mergers and acquisitions, Swisscom’s large enterprise customer division was operating six major ITSM systems to deliver IT services to customers. The disjointed approach was having an adverse effect on both customer and employee experiences.

Cyril Chevalier, Product Manager, Swisscom, explains: “The systems supporting our business customer service organisation were a patchwork of multiple legacy solutions. Our agents found it difficult to manage customer issues quickly and proactively because they had to rely on heterogeneous and disconnected systems for their daily work.”

The result was a highly fragmented customer experience, particularly if a customer was using different products.

“As an organisation, we were unable to fully exploit the potential of digitalisation and automation due to inadequate, unscalable, and siloed IT systems. We knew the Now Platform, in combination with our ERP and BI solutions, would bring the unified approach we needed to transform the customer experience in Service Operation Management,” adds Cyril.

Swisscom empowers customer support agents to be more proactive and efficient
By phasing out legacy systems and standardising first-level customer service management onto ServiceNow, Swisscom agents now have a single pane view of all cases and their progress. By using one platform instead of several tools, both the agents’ experiences at work and their efficiency have seen significant improvements.

“The simplicity and ease-of-use of the ServiceNow interface have garnered positive feedback. Agents find it easy to create and update tickets, resulting in faster ticket management,” says Peter Niederhauser, Head of Technical Service Desk, Swisscom.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management is fully integrated with other support applications used within Swisscom for production support.

Swisscom’s enterprise customers benefit from a slick and seamless support service
Swisscom has transformed engagement with enterprise customers by making the experience timelier, more personalised, and seamless.

The implementation of Customer Service Management has so far seen 5,000 enterprise customers migrated onto a new, intuitive online portal, which has centralised all information and support services in one place.

Customers have access to all product details that are relevant to them, along with full visibility of their tickets and progress. Through the portal, they are also empowered with personalised self-service, where they can find answers to common issues via a knowledge base and open and track an incident, or perform common tasks such as password resets.

When customers prefer support directly from Swisscom, digital workflows automate the categorisation, prioritisation, and assignment of cases, orchestrating all front- and back-end processes to drive informed email and telephone interactions.

“Our new customer engagement approach has completely changed the way we interact with our customers. Throughout the support process, one agent is the only person communicating with the customer, rather than someone having to go through a number of points of contact at Swisscom,” comments Peter.

Bern, Switzerland

Empowered by a 360° overview of each customer, our agents are providing a slick and seamless service.

Peter Niederhauser

Head of Technical Service Desk

ServiceNow powers new business opportunities for Swisscom
Following the initial roll out of ServiceNow to support 5,000 large enterprise customers, Swisscom is set to migrate a further 175,000 business customers onto the new online portal. When the project is completed, new efficiencies are set to generate projected overall cost savings of 20 million Swiss francs.

Swisscom is also evaluating ServiceNow as an orchestrating platform for its internal processes, such as product migration, customer migration, and new product onboarding—which are supported by disparate tools and a multitude of spreadsheets.

“These processes can be automated and accelerated using end-to-end digital workflows running on the Now Platform, with ServiceNow acting as the orchestrating platform for all customer migrations,” explains Peter.

ServiceNow challenges established processes to drive digital transformation
The depth and breadth of experience with ServiceNow that now exists within Swisscom has enabled the company to offer its expertise to enterprise customers aiming to digitise their business processes. And as a ServiceNow partner in Switzerland, our clients now and in the future benefit from the experience we’ve gained through our own system landscape setup.

“We are working with the industry’s leading technology platform, challenging both our own business and our customers to review existing processes and adapt them to enable sustainable success and customer satisfaction,” concludes Peter.

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ServiceNow Customer Service Management

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

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