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Delaware uses CSM on the Now Platform
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How to make construction digital


Automation of its onboarding processes


Automation of its offboarding processes


Employees supported

Webcor builds digital workflows across collaboration-focused project teams. With ServiceNow, Webcor drives efficiencies across IT support, HR, and asset management, as part of the digitization of the construction business. The team created a single, easily accessible portal that employees can access anytime, anywhere, to get help with HR and IT requests.

Building expertise

Founded in 1971 and operating offices across the state of California ever since, Webcor is known for its innovative and collaborative approach to construction. Its wide range of experience includes cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM)/virtual building techniques, skill in concrete construction, and expertise in building iconic projects. 

Creating data-driven capabilities

Construction has moved from a slide-rule and paper blueprint industry to a highly collaborative, highly connected enterprise. The challenge for Webcor is to orchestrate multiple vendors, contractors, and subcontractors, day by day, as projects evolve. It means knowing how much resource to have on site tomorrow, the exact location of key equipment, and a complete history of the build. 

Webcor’s task is to corral this wealth of data, and to make maximum use of it on site and at a corporate level. 

Constructing an enterprise-wide opportunity

Webcor initially adopted ServiceNow ITSM Express, with a view to replacing an inhouse ITSM solution. Today, Webcor has expanded its investment in the Now Platform® and utilizes ServiceNow IT Service Management Pro, and ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Enterprise. The business has appointed a full-time resource to find and implement new use cases for ServiceNow. 

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San Francisco, California

Modern construction involves an immense amount of logistics, all managed digitally. Our focus is on creating data-driven decision capabilities.

Allen Woolley

Director of IT Operations

Streamlining processes across the business

Webcor has found a range of uses for ServiceNow. It has overhauled its on and offboarding processes; across dynamic projects, Webcor now has a clearer fix on offboarding lifecycle events, including payroll. Webcor has built an integration between ServiceNow and Apple Business Manager to automate the recording of newly procured devices. The next step is to sync with the on- and offboarding workflows. Field workers can now submit requests or find information from the Webcor Knowledge Base through an Alexa integration, on their mobile device.

Leveraging data analytics

The engagement with ServiceNow is one part of a more comprehensive digitization of the Webcor business. The goal is tighter collaboration with project partners and more accurate data-driven decisions. Together, these qualities will elevate Webcor’s standing in the construction ecosystem. The next step is to leverage ServiceNow Performance Analytics. Webcor wants to benchmark its performance against other industries and create meaningful KPIs. 

Kamika Kilgore, Director of IT Applications and Procurement concludes, “We pride ourselves on being one of the best builders in class. That requires innovation; ServiceNow enables us to continue our innovation. It’s a great partnership. Our values align.”

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