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Service Creator

ServiceNow® Service Creator empowers your non‑IT staff to build applications without any programming knowledge or experience. Using a simple drag‑and‑drop interface, anyone can build apps to manage their work and then use them from any device anywhere.


Work better and faster by replacing manual processes with automation

Build apps yourself that meet your specific business needs—with no coding required

Application Highlights

The homepage shows published apps by category, fulfiller, time period, and more

The homepage shows published apps by category, fulfillers, time period, and more

The homepage shows published apps by category, fulfiller, time period, and more

Feature Details

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  • Departmental Service Category Creation

    Service Creator allows business users to request their own departmental service categories within the service catalog, such as facilities services or legal inquiries.

    Once approved, Service Creator automatically publishes the category and creates a ServiceNow application for managing service requests associated with the category. From there, team members can create and publish their own services within the service category.

  • Easy Design and Publishing

    Using Service Creator, business users can quickly create, change, and publish services as service category items. The service design interface provides a work area where a simple drag‑and‑drop experience lets non‑IT staff create or modify a service item without programming knowledge or experience.

    The service designer can create a form to collect the required information, add advisory information and graphics, and define the groups or individuals that requests will be sent to for fulfillment. Once designed, the manager publishes the service to the relevant category within the service catalog.

  • Visibility of Offered Services

    From your service catalog, users can easily see all the services available to them within their service category.

    From the Service Creator application menu, users can view and edit the service categories, view published services, or view and edit published and unpublished services. Users can also make category requests to view, request, and edit service categories.

  • Now Platform Extensions

    Enhance the applications created in Service Creator with other Now Platform capabilities. Alert fulfillers that new requests have arrived or keep requesters informed about the status of their request with notifications.

    You can also use Service Level Management to add response time objectives that monitor, prioritize, and improve service delivery. Use Workflow to automate fulfillment activities, and try Performance Analytics to monitor demand and cycle trends and gain visibility into team performance.



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