ServiceNow Inspire

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Achieve a Smarter, Faster Way of Working

The ServiceNow Inspire™ program works with leaders ready for significant business transformation. We help Global 2000 CXOs reimagine their service management strategy and roadmap—from first insight to final implementation. Our team of industry strategists, former customers, architects, and designers have improved corporate results, brand, and valuation for some of the world’s largest companies.

Bold Outcomes and Tangible Results

How We Work

Inspire employs a collaborative methodology to align leadership and teams behind your vision. We provide strategic guidance, the plan needed to map your vision into action, a prototype of your ideal service experience, the supporting business case, an implementation roadmap, and standard operating models required to achieve your outcome.

The Inspire Experience

Discover and Define

We start by finding the "aha" moment—a clear picture of your business services reimagined. Through workshops and interviews, we’ll understand your challenges to define your business outcomes.

Collaborate and Design

We collaborate with your team to create a strategy for measurable business outcomes, and design the transformational roadmap, architecture, operating model, and business case that will excite stakeholders to take action.

Demonstrate the Vision

The Inspire Labs team of user experience researchers, designers, and developers will prototype the end‑user experience—leading to a tangible demonstration of your solution in action.


Realize Your Outcome

We’ll tee up your successful implementation with best practices, an operating model, governance guidelines, and define measurable KPIs to ensure the transformed service experience meets your business needs.

Inspire Industries

Our team includes industry executives with formidable experience in financial services, healthcare, government, and education. They are experts at uncovering hidden barriers, bringing insights into industry trends and exceptional thought leadership to the table. The result is pragmatic strategies leading to transformational industry solutions.

Inspire Insights

The Inspire program has unique access to one of the largest customer databases in the world. This makes it possible to establish peer‑tested best practices and benchmarks across multiple industries based on comprehensive data into how companies run their businesses. Using these specialized analytics, we develop highly actionable insights used to guide our customer’s journey toward becoming a lightspeed enterprise.

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