Lightning in a Bottle


By Frank Slootman - 2014-01-23


Why is so much of the IT management focus on costs, cutting costs, taking cost out? Why does IT seem primarily concerned with commoditizing infrastructure, squeezing and consolidating vendors, outsourcing as much as possible?


The answer is because IT is perceived as a commodity, or as a utility…power, dial tone, bandwidth. There is limited excitement to keeping the lights on until, of course, the lights are out. The perception is that there isn't much to be had (think innovation) other than getting the same service at lower cost. So, the culture around IT is increasingly cost-obsessed. 


The reason is we are not giving the CEO anything they can get excited about, something they are dying to have and willing to throw money at to get it as soon as humanly possible.


Face it, cutting IT to the bone is not going to save the day or make the enterprise more competitive. And that is what the CEO is obsessing about.


So, think about what technology can do to turn the tables on the competition. Let’s stop cutting costs as our principal focus and start innovating! What would blow your competition out of the water? 


Think exciting, differentiated and not-done-before. Think catching lightning-in-a-bottle.


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