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CIO Strategy: Three Imperatives for IT Vitality and Business Success

CIO Strategy: Three Imperatives for IT Vitality and Business Success

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By ServiceNow - 2015-01-20


A video interview with Sheila Jordan, CIO, Symantec


IT is not just about reducing cost and driving new efficiencies. Sheila Jordan came to Symantec to make IT a strategic driver of business change and growth. To do this, she is making IT “a services-led organization.” While many of these are IT services, many will extend across the enterprise to departments and corporate functions.

To achieve her vision, Jordan has the aspirational goal of an IT portfolio that is equally divided between “running the business, changing the business and growing the business.” Reflects Jordan, “Wouldn’t it be cool if IT can deliver two-thirds of the IT spend on changing and growing the business, versus just running it?” According to analysts, most enterprises spend 65-70% of its resources on running the business.


Jordan also recognizes that “employees are consumers, and they come into work and expect to have the same experience.” Services must be consumerized to ultimately make them successful. On the other end, visibility “across the organization” is essential to “make decisions and drive efficiency.”


Learn more from the insightful CIO interview:

Watch the complete Cube interview.


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  • Is it possible for IT to have two-thirds of its resources focused on change and growth, versus maintenance? 
  • Can a services emphasis enable IT to become more proactive and focused on enabling business growth?

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