Driving IT Change with ERP for IT

By Dave Wright - 2014-01-09


One of the concepts at the forefront of driving IT change has been “ERP for IT.” This rejects the previous trend of accumulating lots of separate tools to handle IT needs.


Instead, ERP for IT embraces the entirety of IT, not just individual problems. The old way of stockpiling tools created a horrifically compartmentalization of IT. In fact, it has been one of the primary factors of holding IT back and creating the “running to stand still” dynamic of just keeping the lights on.


In essence, ERP for IT unifies data and management so that it’s easy to automate processes and connect them. At the same time, you get a single version of truth and a comprehensive view because everything is in one place rather than individual silos.


Project management can connect to resource management, vendor management, software development lifecycle (SDLC), service catalog, incident/problem/change, the CMDB—all drawing from a common data source, and all connected so that processes can be automated in powerful, comprehensive ways.


I was recently interviewed by Silicon Angle/The Cube and talked in detail about ERP for IT and models for significant IT advancement. Check it out:


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