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Five Milestones for ServiceNow in 2014

Five Milestones for ServiceNow in 2014


By Dave Wright - 2015-01-07


As we wrap up 2014, I wanted to take a step back and evaluate the momentum of the year at ServiceNow.


It was a big year for the company itself, growing employees, revenue, customers and our footprint globally.

Here’s a short list of the most impactful milestones that I saw:

  • Rising customer energy — Our annual customer summit Knowledge 14 blew the doors off of prior events with more than 6,000 attendees discussing how to transform their business with service management. That set the tone for what turned out to be an exciting wave of events around the globe in the form of the NowForum series and SNUGs. Having spoken at several events, I got a front row seat to hear how customers are driving change. In one of my favorite presentations the Dept. of Energy Acting CIO Don Adcock spoke on how ServiceNow delivers a platform for innovation for the national energy labs.
  • Acquisition of Neebula and further expansion into ITOM — In July ServiceNow started heating up the IT Operations Management market by acquiring Israel-based Neebula to extend our ITOM footprint. The acquisition gave our customers a new, powerful tool to better manage their IT operations. A services view of IT infrastructure matters, as discussed here.
  • ITSM’s rapid evolution into service management across the enterprise — Our customers called this trend, and now data is backing it up: More and more companies are looking to extend their service management from the IT realm into the line of business. A study from HDI recently found 73 percent of organizations report that their ITSM tools are capable of being used outside of IT. Our survey with KPMG this year shows HR is first place after IT to go.
  • The Launch of Eureka and Express — Launching Eureka was a major milestone in providing a new UI with ever more consumerized experience and features like Visual Task Boards and our “Rock Band” timeline, CIO Dashboards. We gave greater power for custom app development, as seen in the App Showcase. In fact, 83% of customers are now using custom apps. In October, we launched Express, a new highly standardized product, for organizations of all sizes to adopt service management rapidly.
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