From ‘Snailware’ to ‘On the Fly’ at Einstein Noah

By ServiceNow - 2014-05-01


ServiceNow has significantly improved enterprise service management for thousands of enterprise customers. But for Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, one use case was of particular importance – enabling the company’s risk team to more effectively consolidate and automate processes and quickly respond to issues related to food hazard, food illness, customer injury and employee injury across more than 500 restaurants.  Previously, the process involved a number of manual forms, spread across multiple systems – it was slow, difficult to manage and confusing for the many restaurants. 


The challenges within the risk team were indicative of similar problems within IT, and Brian Kenfield, project manager at Einstein Noah saw the opportunity to enact change. “As an organization, we wanted to be more proactive,” he said. For the company, the most critical success factor and focus is improving customer satisfaction.


Speaking this week at the Knowledge14 conference, Kenfield explained how he felt they were locked into a system with such limited functionality that he referred to it as ‘snailware’. “When we moved to ServiceNow, the dynamics allowed us to make changes on the fly.”


And to speed the implementation and adoption of ServiceNow, Kenfield and the Einstein Noah team engaged ServiceNow Master Solutions Partner, Cloud Sherpas. The company has hundreds of large-scale ServiceNow implementations under its belt.


According to Jason Wojahn, president of Cloud Sherpas’ ServiceNow business unit, “We worked with Brian Kenfield and the Einstein Noah team to help rationalize their requirements for ServiceNow and ensure that there was a series of improvements and successes as we broadened adoption and comfort with the platform.”


Thousands of Einstein Noah workers have benefited from this move to ServiceNow. The company continues to see opportunities for automation and consolidation across IT and throughout the enterprise – and Einstein is reaping benefits from the positive effect on the customer.


And for Kenfield, enabling the risk team to be more effective, responsive and transparent to every restaurant carries a huge sense of accomplishment.


For more information on the success Einstein Noah has had with ServiceNow and Cloud Sherpas, please read the press release or view Kenfield’s video interview.


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