Leaving a Legacy


By Dave Wright - 2014-07-02


While the benefits of moving IT to ServiceNow are remarkable, it is not always without resistance. What could be better than having a single of system of record to run the business of IT and provide consumerized, automated services and then extend these to various departments across the enterprise? The “then and now” contrast is so stark it is hardly conceivable that there should be any hesitation.


Yet hesitation does exist. Some companies have built systems that are both high in complexity and customization, bending existing legacy software to meet their needs, and now face fears in abandoning the old. Fine-tuning, custom integrations, elaborate processes and significant software development keep legacy systems alive. The prospect of dropping these is admittedly scary for some IT groups.


I think that all the unnatural acts of making legacy software work ends up creating its own gravitational pull.  Despite the fact that the time and cost devoted to maintaining the old prevents IT from moving forward, some groups fight change. Leaving the familiar – though maladaptive – old ways of IT requires some courage and forward thinking.


Those that move ahead to take on a new way of working feel unburdened and marvelously unencumbered. They rise to a new level of productivity and can shift from being reactive to proactive, from being focused on remediation to refocusing on prevention.


Why not take the step that will modernize your work and change the game for IT and the enterprise. Go ahead and leave a legacy.

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