Managing Service Across the Enterprise

By Frank Slootman - 2014-04-29


Managing and automating service is the next major software frontier in the enterprise. While IT pioneered service models and service management as a discipline, we now understand that ITSM is merely a specific variant of a much broader service management category.


Organizations across the enterprise such as HR, facilities and legal, that may have never thought of themselves as service domains, are moving into service models. And this is where we see the IT organization will lead the effort as the Backbone of the Modern Enterprise.


The truth is, many of our customers have already figured this out and have showed us the way by taking ServiceNow into so many use cases outside of ITSM across the broader enterprise.


One of my favorite examples is at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research located on the French-Swiss border. A ServiceNow customer for many years, CERN has built its “city” on ServiceNow.

Managing Service Across the Enterprise

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