The New Age of Service

The New Age of Service


By Frank Slootman - 2014-04-28


We most certainly live in a service-oriented world. When you get right down to it, everything is a service. Four out of 5 American jobs are in services capacities and service industries make up roughly 68% of the U.S. GDP.


We can see a rich and rewarding service experience in many of our day-to-day interactions. Retail is one industry that’s undergone a massive service-oriented transformation. I still remember when they first put in self-service super markets in Europe. Wow – they trust us to load up our own cart?


More recently, Amazon has set the bar for the consumer retail service experience: simple, automated, transparent and fast.


Today, banking is completely cloudified – a new term, by the way – rarely does one ever need a reason to visit a bank in person. Banking is a completely virtual experience.


But service quality can still vary widely when it’s not managed with an explicit focus. Anyone who’s spent time navigating a support phone tree or renewed your driver’s license in person can attest.


We are beginning to see a focused consumer service experience gaining traction across the enterprise. It’s only natural. But what about the service experience within IT?


In IT, this service-oriented mindset seems to have fallen behind. Some go as far to even write IT off! Infrastructure is moving into the cloud. And an even larger part of the applications are moving under line-of-business control. So what’s left?


I don’t think the final chapter has been written yet… but IT must take the opportunity to re-invent and innovate – to become the Backbone of the Modern Enterprise.

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