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The Process-Aware, Process-Driven CMDB

The Process-Aware, Process-Driven CMDB


By Chris Pope - 2014-11-24


So we made it--the last part of my series on all things CMDB, and we didn’t include a single screen shot of product or list of capabilities.


I hope that through this series you have gained some insight into approaches for solving the problem and challenge of gaining a single version of truth for your IT infrastructure. I wanted to provide some techniques that enable you to rethink failed implementations and how to take on the next rung of the maturity ladder. If none of this was helpful, at least you have some insight into how my brain works! Feedback has been very good, many pages reads and comments have lined up the next handful of writing opportunities for me. Watch this space for new and equally compelling content (shameless self-plug!)

In summary, we covered the following:

I have spent many hours with customers recently, and slowly but surely they are making large steps towards implementing a process-aware and process-driven CMDB. This topic is not going away anytime soon, given the wide range of products available and differing approaches to implementation, but I strongly believe the core tenants or goals remain the same regardless.


If you want to speak in person or even meet, then please reach out and let me know. Whether you are at the bottom or mid-way up the ladder, there are always better ways and approaches to cracking the nut.


Thanks for reading, and onto the next blog!

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