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Three Questions for Dave Wright on Neebula

Three Questions for Dave Wright on Neebula

By Dave Wright - 2014-07-10


ServiceNow announced yesterday it signed an agreement to acquire Neebula. We asked ServiceNow Chief Strategy Office Dave Wright to provide some insight to the significance of the deal.


1. Why is ServiceNow buying Neebula?


This acquisition provides ServiceNow with a new product – ServiceNow ServiceWatch – along with a team of experts that will help to accelerate our IT Operations Management (ITOM) development and sales efforts.  In an article in Re/Code, Frank Slootman said what Neebula has created is, “one of the Holy Grails of enterprise IT.”  This application will enable our customers to improve IT performance and availability through an automated and unified approach to mapping business services that is 20x faster and 80% lower cost compared to traditional solutions. ServiceWatch enhances the value of ServiceNow by making it service-aware.


2. Does Neebula compete with ServiceNow?


The two are highly complementary.  Neebula’s ServiceWatch product enables IT organizations to discover and manage end-user business services (CRM, billing, tax payment, fund transfer services) from the top down.  ServiceNow’s approach is to discover the components (servers, network, storage, applications) from the bottom up. Together, they will give ServiceNow a more complete way for companies to predict and automate their IT as visualized in the image below.  




3. Why is it important to know how business services are performing rather than the components?


Companies are moving to a services-centric approach to their business. Think of how IT teams look at IT resources – they are more often delivered by services, such as cloud-based ones. A top-down services approach lets IT ask, “What are the 20 key systems that support my business?” They can now monitor the services, rather than individual components.  I like to think of this like seeing the forest through the trees.  If one tree falls, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an emergency. There are a lot of redundancies now built in.  But you do want to know when your business service is impacted. You also want to know if you change a component, will it impact the overall services. Neebula’s top down approach will give our customers a new, powerful tool to better manage their IT operations.

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