Time for a New IT KISS

By Allan Leinwand - 2014-01-20


IT professionals are known to live by the KISS principle which believes that keeping systems simple is superior to making them more complex. But, that is not the only KISS IT needs (and no, I’m not talking about blasting “Detroit Rock City” in the office)  – we need to Keep Innovating Scalable Services.


IT has always provided innovative services for the enterprise, from BYOD, to advanced enterprise applications, global Internet connectivity, email and calendaring collaboration tools, and so on. IT drives the business of the enterprise forward with innovative technologies everyday.


But IT often has difficulty finding time and resource to deliver all of the innovations that the enterprise requires. IT applications, systems and infrastructure are hard to scale and maintain. And teams across the enterprise constantly need more services from IT.


Instead of struggling under this pressure (and fueling uncontrolled and unauthorized Shadow IT), IT can develop innovative scalable services that comply with all governance, security, business and operational policies. 


For instance, our Service Automation Platform is designed to empower IT to develop innovative and scalable services in the cloud. IT professionals, with little to no programming experience, can create modern services that scale for the enterprise. IT professionals can now take back control with simple and scalable service management.


So are you focused on delivering services? This is the KISS that IT needs today.



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