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Unveiling The Single Record of Truth

Unveiling The Single Record of Truth

Unveiling The Single Record of Truth

By ServiceNow - 2014-05-22


“The Truth is Out There” was the tagline of a great classic TV series. Even the title, The X Files, speaks to an intensive and often manual search that found the characters at times rummaging through file cabinets seeking clues to the ultimate truth.

But unlike this made-for-TV FBI of the late last century, enterprises today have access the technology and tools to standardize global processes and to draw upon the power and knowledge of a single truth within the business. No, not the secrets of the universe – but for corporations, a single record of truth can streamline operations, simplify and extend best practices across lines of business, and unlock the capabilities for measuring success and service levels. It gives management the power to innovate and share knowledge quickly and effectively.


One such company that is well down this path is Bristow Group. The company is a leading provider of helicopter transportation services to the global offshore energy industry, and a search and rescue services provider to many governments and agencies. The company maintains a fleet of over 300 helicopters from 60 locations. Many of these aircraft are assigned to some of the most remote locations on the planet.


Unveiling The Single Record of Truth


With a lean and distributed IT organization, the company needed to implement several business transformation initiatives to get ahead of the rapid business growth.


“We didn’t have the practices, processes and procedures we needed to support a growing global organization,” said Adil Ahmed, Director of Knowledge Systems for Bristow. “Getting to a place where we could address our major business transformation goals required fundamental changes, and part of that was service management.”


Speaking with Dave Vellante and Jeff Frick on TheCUBE at Knowledge14, Ahmed outlined the critical areas of IT transformation: flight operations, enterprise resource planning and infrastructure. Each which positioned the IT group to enable business growth. According to Ahmed, the crucial step was consolidating global service processes – having a single system of record.


“The value of a single system of record is having one version of the truth. When we fly helicopters, that asset impacts our flight operations, it impacts our financial organization, our maintenance organization. Managing these services under a single system of record positively impacts the speed of decisions,” said Ahmed.


The team identified early on that ServiceNow could play an important role as this single system of record. Ahmed called it an umbrella for any service organization within the company. And the opportunity to build this framework of managing services by IT across other service organizations has caught on organically as the value was demonstrated.


Consolidation enables consistent tracking of services and now the IT team can measure the impact they are having on the business. According to Ahmed, for the first time the team can articulate the value that IT has to offer. “ServiceNow has really helped us in how employees engage with the service organization,” Ahmed told Vellante and Frick.


For Bristow, the truth is there and whether it’s a new employee equipment request, or a helicopter ready for maintenance on some research vessel far at sea, the IT group has got it covered.


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